Energy Care

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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The United States Senate has passed the health care legislation, divided by red states and blue states, so that healthy and energetic people can be more productive if they have health insurance to access health care when they need it.

The jobs bill has not yet been passed for people to have the incomes to buy that government subsidized health insurance over the same decade the health care legislation is to be implemented. For that they are being asked to go to the government’s expanded Medicaid program. Medicare cuts for the elderly are being predicated on comparative effectiveness of treatments because it costs money to keep the retired alive longer with the best available treatments in the marketplace. It is no country for old men (and women who tend to outlive their retired spouses) unless they are independently well-off.

Jobs, as they slowly trickle in from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), its billboards seen as people drive across America, to repair bridges and fix potholes through mid-2010, to refurbish the legacies of FDR and Eisenhower as if delicately touching up paintings in a museum to restore them, are the manpower jobs being added to the economy at wages lower than what used to be with little or no benefits, to extend into the 21st century Lady Bird Johnson’s beautification program of the nation’s highways.

These highways would be awfully crowded by 2050. The country’s population, on net, accounting for the death of all the boomers by 2064 wishing them a full life on average, will be hovering around 450 million, packing the streets in electric cars which will need to be charged more often because of the traffic. The power lines would be carrying a load far higher than intended after they were originally put into place to recover from the Great Depression, fragmented across the country, just like the health care bill which cannot treat a patient from Mississippi visiting New York, causing more blackouts reminiscent of third world countries than advanced countries. Air traffic would be bursting at the seams for the control towers, still creaking after the touch ups. The unseen information highway, buried under the ground and in the ether, could continue to be behind South Korea’s which could be ahead practicing telemedicine and ethical stem cell research at a bandwidth of 10Gb/sec.

All because the government is failing to see the connection between energy, infrastructure and information and hence to better job creation. Instead, the government is preparing the country for 7-8% unemployment until 2020 by ensuring that health care is provided for all through Christmas gifts for insurance executives by redistributing through taxation: if taxes cannot be raised for the purposes of revenues elsewhere, they are being raised through health care. Cap and trade, likewise on energy, could soon follow.

The government will not see the connection between energy, infrastructure and information until 2029, 100 years after the great market crash that led to the Great Depression, when the dollar would be decimated by gleaming resurgence elsewhere in the world because of the stagflationary stickiness of the deluge of money that was supplied to prevent another Great Depression that will never happen, as if the phantoms from the past are plaguing the American political economy.

The convoluted convergence of the Democrats in the majority and the new Keynesian economists since Bill Clinton is producing a museum restoration of the New Deal pantheon, not an American Renaissance. It is not the money supply, borrowed or printed, in the face of a downturn, but it is what we do with it that really matters.

At the zenith of American prominence in the world, the utility of its money is at its nadir.


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