Why Baghdad Must Follow Prague

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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Ur, the ancient city where the monoglottic humanity incurred the wrath of God to be dispersed across the planet to speak in tongues and the place where the ancient, pre-Aryan Elamites used to build their ziggurats (tall structures that looked like the biblical Tower of Babel), is in modern day Iraq. The babble because of the destruction of the Tower of Babel continues to this day.

That babble, which brought down modern day ziggurats in Manhattan on September 11, 2001, is largely about one tongue trying to be better off than the other. Perhaps, God had foreseen future fights over dead things cooked under that ground and had sent the wind to blow away the tower, as if suggesting the use of wind.

The President of the United States recently gave a speech in the land of many tongues, in Europe, committing American defense and foreign policies to global denuclearization, lest the ambition to reach the heaven once again be destroyed by human-induced detonations. That speech was endorsed by the who’s who of policymakers and intellectuals around the world and it won him the Nobel Peace Prize from a country that is also rich in oil and by a philanthropic endowment that exists because of the invention of dynamite. The military-oil complex had awarded him a prize to keep global peace with American power.

Those with the power to detonate and without are competing to acquire it so that the wealth beneath their god-given lands stays with their tongue and safe from foreign incursions. Therefore, the more fundamental problem was not addressed in Prague, but its symptom, similar to treating the common cold when the virus that causes it cannot be treated, because countries will always find other ways to get to more of what they want to have, even when they have some of it themselves.

As the war machine is ever more perfected, also known as ‘defense modernization’ in the United States, killing could get more targeted and sophisticated, to terrorize more than to destroy by watching carefully from the heavens, by playing god, to spread democracy in exchange for foreign resources, as if we are learning from the asymmetric warfare of the Islamic jihadists, spending trillions compared to their millions, both numbers denominated in the American currency. No wonder they call us terrorists too. Angry with God after Babel, modern humans have built their own eyes to peek down from the heavens which have become more like an eagle’s eyes watching its prey than the benevolent eyes of God watching over His people(s) from a distance.

If President Obama is serious about reducing terrorism on American soil and against American interests abroad, a Muslim middle name is not enough. He must make another speech in Baghdad in a tongue he knows how to wield so well, the English language, that at once represents the great possibility of global integration and subjugation, committing the United States to exiting permanently from the Persian Gulf by December 31, 2012, three years from now, a commitment that former President George W. Bush ought to have made on September 12, 2001 (as well as both of his predecessors since 1989). This is a Manhattan Project worth having, this time supervised by the civilians.

The United States has become habituated to including foreign resources in its projections of economic growth. It therefore necessitates sending the American military abroad to ensure their continuous flow either into the United States or to places elsewhere in the world where American economic interests lay. And beginning in the 20th century, national defense has become a way to create employment, creating a downward spiral of wars that beget wars, both economic and military.

The sea to shining sea that is the United States is well endowed and the American people are ingenious enough to make the best use of what they have under their own feet. It is time to exit Baghdad (and all that it stands for in the name of American interest around the world, unless invited for pay in mutual benefit) for its stability and ours.

Such an American foreign policy is also our energy policy.


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