Establishing Civilization?!

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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America’s governing ideology, with the election of President Obama which was followed very quickly with his exaltation by Europe, as if striking the iron when hot, has shifted from Churchillian Anglo-American unilateralism to a global convergence around the continent across from the English Channel. The primacy of European civilization has become the canvas for the new post-Clinton-Bush globalization because the continent never liked English domination.

Still, the rationale appears to be the prospective rise of Asia. Europe seems to be worried about losing its gains since the Renaissance. The European approach now is to co-exist with China and India with the help of the United States until they can be Europeanized sufficiently, over a few more generations of the pesky ancients in China and India, so as not to pose a threat to the European cultural model. The supposedly unified world then would be an overblown version of Europe.

The idea appears not to be global European hegemony as during the days of colonialism, but a world that accepts Europe as the source of civilization and culture, a world in which Europeans feel comfortable culturally, as if history itself is divided between the pre-European pre-history and the post-European history: the Gregorian calendar that has been written into the scientific study of history as Common Era (C.E) and Before the Common Era (B.C.E) to demarcate the historical time periods before and after the origins of the Greco-Roman-Christian civilization. Israel, after the European destruction of its Jewry, has come to peace with it given its own deeply embedded pan-European heritage since the beginning of the Common Era.

Now, they want to change the global cultural landscape so as not to change themselves and complete doing so before Europe could lose its power or influence. Their target is 2050 to become India. To do for Europe what every megalomaniac tried to do since the Romans, Vikings, Napoleon and Hitler: a pan-European Empire. India had become that because of a similar megalomania about 2300 years ago and had then learned peace, just as the Europeans are now, but that was then the zeitgeist.

So culture, as always, is still the cynosure of European politics but with a post-colonial and post-Nazi nicety about it. The motivation for culture-driven globalization is the pathological European desire for homogeneity which they see as being synonymous with social stability and hence world peace. They see cultural diversity, given their bloody experience, as a source of friction and war.

The structure of the European Union (EU) preserves the various European cultures while unifying economically. However, the same idea appears not to be applicable to the rest of the world. Europe is racially homogeneous and, at its roots, culturally homogeneous, with that homogeneity expressed in various forms across the various European ethnicities. This joining at the root does not hold once Europeans cross their continent. And this seems to bother them. The superiority of the social dimension of culture far exceeds the power of the governments in Europe. The raison d’etre of the government then becomes the safekeeping of culture. Hitler was too tacky about it endangering Europe as a whole.

They only like to see culture as a social phenomenon, which it indeed is, but refuse to see it also as individual choice, the reality of history. Yet, paradoxically they want non-Europeans to adopt the European way of life for them to feel comfortable. Within this overarching paradigm, which is in fact a mindset, policy is being made in the European Union and the United States, the region of the world comprising of the most concentration of political and economic power: xenophobia disguised as civilization.

All the peoples of the world are entitled to and indeed free to adopt their ways of life. Likewise, Europe is entitled to be European within Europe, enlarging peacefully. And China, Chinese within China. And America, American within America. That would be a good start for better globalization. If other regions of the world can learn from the European Union model of economic integration within the context of their own cultures that would be even better.


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