The World Is Indeed Black And White

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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The gift of perception is intricately interwoven with the endowment of life. Of all living things that are known to exist, human beings on earth have been bestowed with it in perhaps its most sophisticated and composite form (other living things make up with other senses for the senses they do not possess). Touch, smell, sight, sound and taste give us our sense of the world we live in for our brains to process to give us our minds.

Life on earth is enabled by light. Not darkness. Darkness destroys life. Therefore, our perceptions are a consequence of light, the visible portion in the electromagnetic spectrum. Visibility is in and of itself a matter of perception. The biological biases of human beings are conditioned by evolution to the visibility of things made possible by the physical properties of white light. Therefore, it is natural to lean toward whatever is white, for white reflects light and black absorbs it.

This animal biological instinct is almost tribal in nature. The distinguishing characteristic of the human species is the sophistication of reason. Civilization or human organization into societies is a consequence of reason or the mind. Reason is the faculty that processes perception to give it meaning to understand the reality of which the human species is a part.

The mind helps us relate to our environment to “see” beyond what we see. Through the creation of meaning we create knowledge. Knowledge enables civilized behaviors. And seeing beyond what we see is about transcending not only the divisions within the human species, but to be able to see the human condition in the context of the terrestrial and cosmic whole. This transcendence, in language―which is the vehicle of thought―is known as the enlightenment or the illumination of the true nature of reality, once again betraying the trickery of perception by white light.

The enlightened are “white”. The benighted are “black.” It does not matter what their ethnicity or skin color or race is. It does not matter whether one is caring for their own child or nature. This is the wisdom of the Aryan enlightenment about 2700 years ago.

The world is indeed black and white.


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