The “It’s The Economy, Stupid!” Initiative

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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“As he settled into office, Blair found other kindred spirits besides Brown. He bonded with President Bill Clinton, a political doppelganger who embodied the same “Third Way” progressive politics. Blair happened to be at the White House when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke. Before a joint press appearance, Rahm Emanuel — President Obama’s chief of staff who was then a top Clinton adviser — told Blair, ‘Don’t [expletive] it up,'” Blair writes.

Later that day, Blair was bustled into a small office to talk with Clinton and his wife, Hillary. “I didn’t quite know what to say as the three of us sat there together,” Blair writes. “Hillary just explained calmly and forcefully: This wasn’t going to drive him out. . . . She was angry and hurt in equal amounts and large amounts — that was clear — but no way was she going to allow it to destroy what she, as well as he, had built.”

On his last visit, he and Clinton had sat in the sunshine debating how the center-left could stay in power, “exactly the kind of stimulating, intellectual, conceptual conversation that Bill loved, and as ever I would learn constantly, adding my own analysis and always surprised and encouraged by how our thinking converged.”
Cherie who? On way to top, Tony Blair’s closest companion was Gordon Brown.
By Manuel Roig-Franzia
 Washington Post Staff Writer
 Thursday, September 2, 2010; C01

On one of its recent economics broadcasts, the usually Democrat-friendly National Public Radio (NPR) called the Obama administration’s explanation of the process of economic recovery delusional. President Obama followed through, true to that NPR report, after the latest jobs numbers came out, by calling the uptick in unemployment a good thing and a step in the right direction. To him higher unemployment indicated recovery because census workers got laid off and private sector hiring went up. He said little about the dearth of domestic investment or the rise in temporary hiring. He wants to speed it up. Speeding it up could lead to a depression.

The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), meanwhile, from Davos to Washington, is in full swing, not out of the Bronx offices of CGI but in the Department of State. Secretary Clinton is “no way” going to allow the destruction of “what she, as well as [former President Bill Clinton], had built.” And next door to State, its handmaiden the Federal Reserve is helping the Clintons prove Clintonomics and the “Third Way” correct by prolonging the recession to ensure that the “center-left could stay in power” through a steady expansion of government, not its reform, for the foreseeable future.

It is indeed delusional to think that pumping money into the banks, unconditionally, is somehow going to magically spur lending to the unemployed and debt-laden American consumers who would congregate the world at the Global Development Commons by way of Davos by reaching into their “deep” pockets, deep because they have a hole in them. It is even being discussed at the Federalist Society that the billionaire financier George Soros is spending $45 million to reshape the court system in the United States. One can only wonder whatever happened to government in this country which is meant to shape its branches autonomously through checks and balances.

The accidental and inspirational president, Barack Obama, has turned into a substitute for “president” Hillary Clinton who could not get elected in 2008. The economic security of the United States of America, the center-piece of Bill Clinton’s national security agenda, is now the principal source of America’s national insecurity for that same foreseeable future as the country’s politics fixates on Obama finishing the unfinished job of the Clinton administration.

Looking forward to firmly placing the country on the center-left, the Obamas and the Clintons are both looking and reaching backward to restore the tarnished Clinton legacy, to create the Clinton Camelot. In that boyhood vision of the boy from Hope, Arkansas shaking hands with the man in the Camelot, President John F. Kennedy, neither his country’s future nor the (at least) 2 million jobs that need to be created in the next two years seem to have any place.

The Clinton Global Initiative is finally showing its primary colors: the “It’s the Economy, Stupid!” initiative has gone awfully awry: neither is Hillary Clinton president nor is the economy doing well. She may never be president, and the economy will not be any better even after the country is firmly at the center-left by 2022 (when it is expected to supposedly fully recover).

Obama, who can neither be Clinton nor FDR, similar to another Nobel-winning president Woodrow Wilson, could see his world fall apart akin to the League of Nations even as the G20 is waiting for a genuine reform of the institutions of the United Nations to reflect the new world order since the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. The love affair with Harry Truman that began under Bush 43 has not yet ended.

It is time for both the Democrats to get real and for another Reagan to come along.


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