One American (Of Age), One Vote

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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The highly vocal movement of the loosely-coupled self-governing coalition of like-minded political independents in the United States that has emerged since the discontent over the Iraqi debacle and the current economic uncertainty calls itself The Tea Party, modeling itself after the Boston Tea Party that dumped tea into the Atlantic off the Boston Harbor in 1775, protesting a series of acts of taxation on the colonies by the British Empire beginning in 1764, to culminate in the American Revolution.

Twilight had dawned on the (British) empire, on which, purportedly, the sun would not set, because of the perpetual revolution that is the United States of America. The Tea Party represents a strand of the American DNA which is neither new to its people nor to its politicians. Exploiting discontent is the mother’s milk of America’s electoral politics from the rabble rousers and the ragtag armies of the revolution to the Washington elites of the 21st century.

The neo-Tea Party movement has its roots in the Ross Perot phenomenon in the early ‘90s which helped Bill Clinton become the comeback kid all the way into the White House displacing a highly popular sitting president, and later in Barack Obama himself, whose rousing election oratory reminding Americans of what the country stands for helped the mixed-race man born in Honolulu, Hawai’i, the capital of the 50th and the last American territory to be annexed into statehood in August 1959, in August 1961 to an American white mother and a foreign black father who had left her for Harvard, surf the wave of the angst for change onto the troubled shores of the White House.

The raucous waves of the mighty and beautiful Pacific rarely rest from breaking on the shores of Sunset Beach, the surfing capital of the world, on the North Shore of the Hawai’ian island of Oahu, lest the Banzai Pipeline break on the back of the president still trying to find his and the country’s bearings two years into his presidency to avoid the sun from setting on America.

Dumping the metaphorical tea into the harbor is the aspiration of both the sitting president and of his politically independent nemesis led by the likes of Congressman Ron Paul of Texas during the 2008 election and now by a former governor of the 49th state of the United States, Alaska, and the running mate of the Arizona Senator John McCain in that same election, Sarah Palin. It seems as though the two non-contiguous Pacific states of the United States, Alaska and Hawai’i, both Republican, are at war with each other to jettison the tea once again into the Atlantic, as if a storm is brewing in the Republican tea cup trapping the mainstream elites of the likes of Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Linda Lingle of Hawai’i amidst the radicals such as Palin, all three of them women.

The president thinks that he has already changed America. He passed two major reform bills since his election in 2008, one for health care and the other for financial regulation, to supposedly fix the mess he genuinely inherited from two of his predecessors, Bill Clinton and George Bush who also wanted to change America and the world in their own way. With three strikes by White House batters of the pitches by post-Cold War reality going awry in the baseball of change, The Tea Party wants to be in charge to hit the badly needed home run in the World Series to bail out America which has not yet been bailed out by all the bi-partisan bailouts since 2007, while the rest of the world is convinced that the ball game is being rigged by political steroids in favor of America and the rest of the world’s rich on the obscenely well-paid Yankees franchise which hits home runs in succession beginning with homes, then oil and now gold, the very gold that Ron Paul and the Tea Partiers (not to forget the President of the World Bank, and a Republican, Robert Zoellick) want to return to by dumping Bernanke’s paper into the landfill outside Manhattan, in an age of electronic money.

The Tea Party is not a party. It wants to be representative of the people because their representatives have cast them overboard. They are enthused and emotive, joined by the likes of conservatives such as Virginia Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, another woman, as if the movement has become an outlet for the fair sex which has been de facto disenfranchised from the American pinnacle of power, in spite of the efforts of their suffragette grandmothers such as Susan B. Anthony. Even the Gloria Steinem liberal feminist Secretary of the Obama state Hillary Rodham (Clinton) appears to be quietly joining in the chorus, with the rest, both white and black, temporarily masking their support.

The Tea Party is a movement begging to be shaped by serious solutions to the root causes of the prevailing national discontent. The solution is not the Originalism and Nativism of the white male landed gentry and their present-day descendants on Wall Street, but the original principle.

And in America, a naturalized nation since its first president, George Washington, there is only one way to solve its problems and to safeguard its national security: one person (of age) and their one vote―white, black or brown, rich or poor, male or female, gay or straight―on the issues of the day, not for the persons or parties of the day.

Thus speaketh the Constitution, as amended.


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