Isis Rising: The Next Steps For Egypt

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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President Hosni Mubarak loves Egypt. And his people. He has decided to listen to the hoary cries of his native land. ‘Tis the second season of the Nile, Proyet, the season of emergence, when the waters recede leaving behind fertile land to let the people sow the seeds for the next harvest as if to invoke Isis, the ancient Egyptian Goddess of fertility. He has chosen to leave power, after 30 years at the top of the pyramid, heeding the will of the people who had inundated the heart of Cairo, much as the Nile had done during Akhet, the first season of the ancient Egyptian calendar and the season of inundation that had begun last September, swelling to a climax before receding behind the alluvial soils of a new democratic beginning: Isis is rising, now.

Egypt, as a civilization, in its native land, had been dead for a very long time. Ra, as he climbed up into the sky, dissolved the shadows enveloping the rest of the earth, leaving Egypt first in twilight and then in darkness, only to rise again now to awaken the country to a new dawn. This new day could signal Egypt’s Renaissance, just as the continent across the Mediterranean from Egypt, Europa, which had been bequeathed civilization by Black Athena had its own awakening to its own antiquity under a new faith 600 years ago in the princely state of Florence and in the Vatican, Plato’s pride for Athens in Timaeus and the story of Atlantis notwithstanding (the submerged civilizations still treading the fine line between fact and fiction until today).

Rebirths are not new to Egypt. Just as the body is preserved for the soul in the inner sanctums of the pyramids with the expectation of immortality, mortality through recrudescence is returning to  Egypt once again, as it passes into another phase of belief from the divine and imperial paganism of its ancients through the monotheism of the earliest Christians and then the Muslims both in their heyday and in their decline, to tomorrow’s society of secular faith where all of the beliefs of history could peacefully coexist through the exercise of individual free will in the age of enlightenment. Democracy is but a political arrangement to let that light of liberty shine.

Making new again, re-nascence, is a homage to the creator. It is gratitude to God for the gift of life. It happening in Egypt can mean a lot to the rest, just as once upon a time the rest had craved what Egypt had. Peaceful co-existence is a scarce commodity across from the Red Sea, where death dances brazenly everyday in the face of life in the name of God as if Satan is masquerading in the Holy Lands. The same god, the Hebrew YHWH is still burning the bush atop the Sinai to restore the stone tablets contained in the ark of Egyptian influence under a long lost temple in Jerusalem, and so is the Arabic ALLAH in the searing heat of the Arabian desert for those tablets to remain buried forever, thousands of years after Moses purportedly parted the sea to walk the land of the sea floor as the legend goes, even in an age when Man carved the land to let in the sea by Suez. A secular Egypt can show the way to those who have lost God trying to practice faith. And this is the purpose of the transition, orderly, to bring order to a region thirsting for it.

Shemu, the dry season and the season of harvest from May through September, could bring Akhet once again in the Fall, but it is time in Palestine to sow the seeds of secular faith during Proyet. The peace President Mubarak had kept for all these years, per force, can then become a way of life in freedom.


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