The Bohemian Owl

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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Owl, Wiktionary

Middle English owle, from Old English ūle, from Proto-Germanic *uwwalōn (cf. West Frisian ûle, Dutch uil, Danish ugle), diminutive of *uwwōn ‘eagle-owl’ (cf. German Uhu), variant of *ūfaz, *ūfōn (cf. Swedish uv ‘horned owl’, Bavarian Auf),[1] from Proto-Indo-European *up- (cf. Latvian ũpis ‘eagle-owl’, Czech úpěti ‘to wail, howl’, Avestan ufyeimi ‘to call out’)

The ritual of all white men playing golf in Augusta, Georgia, in collegiality, against themselves and the landscape, is an annual spectacle of excellence for the fans of the sport. It is a game invented in the Scottish highlands of St. Andrews that found its way into the backyard of American privilege, away from the mundane cares of Europe. This is why the United States of America was founded.

On another course, the men who gather at the Bohemian Grove in Northern California are indeed extraordinary in their life pursuits, perhaps far too extraordinary in their care for the country they love to convey a perception of a cozy cabal that steers the United States and the world toward the salvation of wisdom.

They are said to cremate an effigy of the mundane at the feet of the statue of the Typical Eastern Screech Owl, with its upright long ears, a symbol of the Satan in Judeo-Christianity. The same owl, however, has been a generic symbol of wisdom in pre-Christian pagan civilizations, particularly in the Near East and the West.

The meanings of symbols change over time, and the owl’s meaning has morphed from wisdom to evil, as religion united Europe during the same time from east to west – from gods and goddesses to the Abrahamic one god, until the founding of the kingdoms of the British Isles in the Middle Ages.

In the carefree Bohemia of today that celebrates the pre-historic origins of Western Civilization, women on top in the sexual act are akin to witches with the men claiming the sole ownership of the missionary vocation – the priesthood – banishing them into the subordination of the beneath only to be worshipped as mothers in a patrilineal YHWH culture of Christo-Judeanity in whose company the men can dispense with their cares.

The inherent contradiction and tension within Judaism, a matrilineal faith with an all-male god, cannot be any greater. This tension can only be eased if YHWH had created Lilith first from whose menstrual blood and earth, Adhama (or of the earth) the First Man, Adam, was created, only to exile Lilith from Eden as a consort of the demons, because she claimed her rightful place on top.

The woman who had come after, this time created by Adam to keep him company, was Eve, transposed permanently to the bottom, and the bearer of the guilt of the exile of humanity from the land of plenty and no cares to servitude in a land of scarcity only because she was tempted by the Satanic serpent and shamed by YHWH for seeking self-knowledge and bearing Adam’s children. Feminists perhaps quite correctly argue that Lilith and Eve are the same, the latter theologically subordinated because of the missionary zeal of Abraham that is only comparable with that of Mohammed about a few thousand of years later. The pagan symbols were reinterpreted after Abraham to destroy the sexual egalitarianism that had existed before.

If the unattainable wisdom or absolute knowledge is the Socratic God, Bohemian Grove is the death of God in favor of faith in the Son of God and transcendental love, and the use of power and wealth, produced by self-knowledge, in the service of a megalomaniacal enterprise to convert the unbelievers to Christianity.

The cremation of dull care at the Bohemian Grove, a fictitious reenactment to destroy pagan wisdom in favor of Golgotha, the place of the skull where Jesus was crucified to become the Christ, with the purpose of the unification of Christianity and the more grandiose vision of absorbing Judaism into Christianity, a price the Abrahamic Hebrews and the Bedouin Arabs (who yearn to be Jewish), are paying for exiling the gentiles of Europe since Constantine the Great adopted the nascent Christianity nearly four centuries after the death of Jesus on the crucifix at the hands of the Romans and the Jews.

Intellectual honesty suggests that the uncircumcised gentiles be assimilated into Judaism as is, while retaining the ethnic identities and ways of worship of the gentiles and the Arabs.


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2 Responses to The Bohemian Owl

  1. The current ideology of converting the unbelievers to Christianity which I call megalomaniacal above could be argued to be logically apt by the gentiles because this was how the world was before Abraham. However, such an argument would only be valid if the pagans subscribe to the belief in one g(G)od, a uniquely Judaic theology because it explicitly requires the divestiture of all pagan beliefs, though it is also inherently self-contradictory because if YHWH is the one god then YHWH is pagan and is not God.

    Given that the European gentiles are mostly Christian and their god is the god of the Genesis whose son is Jesus and anointed (Christened, Christ) to redeem the world as the messiah (a belief that the Hebrews do not share leading to the crucifixion), the gentiles have little choice, unless they abandon the Old Testament, but to become a part of Judaism as I argue above, if only Jerusalem can let them in, which it had not about 2000 years ago (see the documentary The Early Christians on PBS) unlike the relationship between Hinduism and Buddhism.

    The extraordinary contribution of Judaic theology to the popular conception of human origins (The National Geographic calls it the Ethiopian Adam and Eve in geneology), despite its inherent contradictions, is the common human origins of all humanity or the social cosmology.

    The similar, though a more esoteric contribution of Vedic Hinduism through an alternative myth rooted in the path of Aryan migration to the sub-continent from the Russian Steppe and Central Europe, albeit scientifically inaccurate (unlike the story of Adam and Eve), complements the story of the Genesis through the cosmological revelation of the Bhagavad Gita which is extraordinarily scientifically accurate to guide the understanding of natural cosmology or the monotheistic core of Vedic Hinduism that places the one God (Truth) as the sexless, genderless, passionless, non-perspectival all encompassing Creator and Creation, that neither has a beginning nor an end.

    Civilization is Judeo-Indic, the Indic state requiring transcendence from the Judaic state.

  2. Cultural cohesiveness, by nature, produces collusive behaviors. The minority European descendants of the world control the majority of the world’s resources directly and indirectly. The G6 (or the G7 without Japan) together with Russia, Australia and New Zealand owns about one-half of the global economy. Therefore, similar behaviors can only be expected from the rest.

    Culture cannot be changed overnight. Nevertheless, it changes, also by nature, because globalization is as old as migration (referring here to the cosmology of the Genesis, this has been so since the exile from Eden) and civilization. Then, how to deal with globalization when it is as rapid as it is today?

    The predominant pragmatism has been that of Israel. By nature, the Hebrew people have been accused of claiming at once both their divine chosenness as well as their tendency to coopt power, whether that was Europe since Greece and Rome (leading to the crucifixion of Jesus), the United States now or China in the future (Jewish population in China is rising). The popular explanation, with significant truth to it, is the Judaic claim to civilization (its critique is out of scope for the purpose of this discussion, though it suffices to say that that claim is not comprehensive. See my footnote to this article above).

    The success of the Jewish people in almost all spheres of human activity, from politics and science to business and education, around the world, is in large measure due to faith and cultural cohesiveness, but most importantly due to their tendency to exclude the non-Jewish while playing a subordinate role to non-Jewish power. What is problematic is the exclusivity or the chosenness and, hence, the exclusion of others.

    As much as the Jewish model is archetypal for other cultures to follow to advance their own people, given the intrinsic tendency of cultural cohesiveness (and, therefore, collusion) across cultures, the Christian openness is more beneficial without the evangelical requirements of either Judaism or Christianity in geopolitics. And this, is the Hindu state of mind.

    To deal with the deleterious effects of globalization on non-Judeo-Christian peoples, it would be useful for the world to be true to their cultures while being open to others.

 The recipe is to not exclude or evangelize. If you do, you are Judeo (exclude and evangelize)-Christian-Islamic (evangelize and include) (technically, I have difficulty calling all three faiths Abrahamic because of the Covenant’s requirements of male circumcision). Else, you are Hindu (do not evangelize, be open) (see my article Reverse Integration on this blog).


There is a clash of cultures and there always has been. There is no clash of civilizations (see my article One on this blog in contrast to Arnold Joseph Toynbee’s analysis of history and the conservative American ideology of Samuel Huntington).

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