By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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Zero is a remarkable number. The number, first in the order of the 10 digits, 0 to 9, attributed to the ancient Indian astronomer Aryabhatta and the Hindu-Arabic decimal numeral system, contains in it both eternity and nothingness, capturing in its irrational and incommensurate perfection the essence of the universe. It is this eternity that is the aspiration of humanity but under the Damocles’ sword of anthropocentric nothingness, because of the perverse desire to self-destruct due to the same ambition. Global zero is a phrase which, therefore, can be as redundant in its connotation as it is also a geocentric oxymoron, for it captures the meaning of both species perpetuation and extinction at the same time.

In the heliocentric transcendental affairs of the state which work to contain the implosive impulses in geopolitics, Global Zero, as conceived during the Cold War negotiations over arms reductions, is acquiring special significance: the world for a long time wanted to eradicate nuclear weapons. Today it is a need. And the Who’s Who, particularly in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) group of countries (or what I call the Truman “West” after World War II’s detonation of the Land of the Rising Sun) are behind it, including the (in)famous secret societies of the United States and Europe, long perceived as war mongers. The shadow of peace may be upon us lest it also be the shadow of death.

The self-perpetuating war games which the Pentagon (consolidated as one government department after 1945) has become habituated to playing since the great wars of the last century because of Europe, and due to America’s decision to go to war under presidents Wilson and FDR, create jobs under fear. Freedom from it, therefore, has not dawned yet. The “military-industrial complex,” as coined by president Eisenhower, of the United States, after the “iron curtain,” as coined by prime minister Winston Churchill of the United Kingdom, descended on Europe, has an inertia which requires a force too large to change course, even for the Nobel peace prize winning president Barack Obama, for it is now the “security industrial complex.” And in it could be buried the opportunity to free humanity from fear.

Chemical and biological weapons, the nasty things that can contaminate the air we breathe and debilitate the way we function as normal human beings have been ended. The scarcity of energy sources could also soon become a thing of the past when fossil fuels are ended. The instruments of incineration, the world’s nuclear weapons, have not yet been, perhaps because cremation leaves little but ashes, no pain and all fear. Terrorism is not as much about death as it is about the fear of death. Then, why have them if the intention is indeed not to ever use them?

The legacy of ashes can be beguiling in a world teeming with humanity, 15 billion strong by 2100. We live in a century where the meaning of neighborhood could change drastically , sufficient to create an asteroid in the geological age of the mammals dominated by the homo sapiens. The contemporary state of mind to perpetuate the species gets muddled by culture, as if culture is a sub-species.

Weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), such as nuclear weapons or electro-magnetic weapons, can wipe out 2/3rds of the planet if the 1/3rd who have them want it all for themselves, whatever the safeguards within political systems, democratic or non-democratic, in a global cognitive dissonant geopolitical culture of static cultural perpetuation that is undemocratic. Property could be saved. Therefore, the rest of the 2/3rds will also want them, because they are also human.

The war games are about who preempts who, chasing the mirage of the downward spiral of death, descending into Hades from the purgatory, when paradise is in sight.


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