By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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American nativism is on its rise.

From Bolivia and Venezuela through Mexico, Hawai’i and Alaska into the heart of contiguous United States, north of the Rio Grande. The later immigrants to the two American continents, north and south of the equator sequestered on either side from the rest of the world by two great oceans, from northern and southern Europe, west Africa and most of all of the rest of Africa are preparing for history to take its just course as this century progresses towards its mid-point.

The land of the Alamo has street signs in Spanish, the language of the natives after forced evangelism by the Spaniards and Italians of Queen Isabella of Spain, the erstwhile California gold coast has street food reminiscent of Tijuana if not Mexico City, and the vast land sandwiched between the Prairie corn of Iowa and the Pampas corn-fed cows of Argentina is growing cocaine and marijuana as if to presage the onset of cultural schizophrenia, nostalgic of the days of the defeat of the Spanish Armada at the hands of the Virgin Queen Elizabeth I as gold is running out half-a-millennium from when its quest began from across the Atlantic. Beneath the American humus is deposited the “gold” of epochs bygone to sustain its peoples for the foreseeable future.

Birth rates within the exclusive enclaves of the descendants of the Protestant Queen of England are declining just as are those among the American descendants of her ancestors of Northern Europe. Today’s majority in the United States constitute that European melting pot even as Europe is figuring out its fondue which could be ready to be served also by mid-century, when Switzerland could be ready to integrate into the rest of the Europe that surrounds it. And the rising populations of Afro-Asia are aching to merge with the angst-ridden peoples of Euro-Asia, and there would be plenty for all to eat.

The remigration of the homo sapiens in search of better lives is beginning to appear as though it will cease to respect political boundaries, just as when there were fewer of us the search for less oppressive lives had transformed far more draconian political loyalties into a fealty for the self over the state. Migration is a natural right.

European nativism, and thus etatism, is on its demise, except when it is kept alive by the force of geopolitical power.


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