Strange Love

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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Colonel Gadaffi, the ruler of Libya, was cited by the United States of America’s leader of the free world, in a manner characteristic of the expected brilliance of Harvard Law School graduates, with human rights abuses, those rights universally co-opted by FDR when the United Nations was founded in 1944. Barack Obama must be cited with the same and Gadaffi and Obama must be tried in the Hague because the nation’s post-9/11 intelligence-ia loves both of them. Too bad Gadaffi, who had commended former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice as the daughter of Africa, has not been awarded the Peace prize. He was not Harvard-law-trained to be sophisticated enough to be nice about abuse. This was also the mistake Bush 43 had made at Abu Ghraib and with water-boarding.

The wunderkid, Barack Hussein Obama, a Unitarian Christian, hyped across the world and installed as such in 2008 on the American throne to supposedly return respectability to the United States after the attack on the Twin Towers in lower Manhattan by radical muslim acolytes of Sayyid Qutb, once a student in the United States (Lawrence Wright, The Looming Tower), with Saudi passports and legitimate visas and Bush 43’s controversially unilateral excursion into Iraq, has declared a necessary war on those who complain within his own country about government abuse. Because Obama loves his country so much and because he thinks he is a fact, his 2008 election a foregone conclusion, endorsed around the world only to execute the oath he was administered in neonatal care, his presidency born prematurely to a nation eager to at least cosmetically overcome the lack of the splash of color in its historical record since General George Washington.

The strategy of domestic abuse of Americans, within the borders of the United States, is of lore. From the Mayflower and the one-drop rule (Scott Malcomson, One Drop of Blood: The American Misadventure of Race; Phillip Roth, The Human Stain) to sustaining prejudice after civil rights while tolerating integration after the end of the anti-miscegenation laws. It had been built-in to the nation’s social psyche only to be institutionalized since the founding of America’s intelligence establishment together as a twin of the Western European security structure of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) after World War II by the accidental president, Harry Truman, who would not let a Jew into his Missouri home, now has a building named after him at the U.S Department of State which is caught in the fog of wars at Foggy Bottom in Washington, DC. Reverend Jesse Jackson of the Rainbow Coalition was reported to have recently met Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to discuss institutional racism at the nation’s central bank.

To paraphrase a dialog in the motion picture The Good Shepherd, the utterance [sic] “we have the Italian culture, the Irish have theirs, and the Blacks their music, what do you have?” from a naturalized Italian-American to an Anglo-Saxon Skull and Bones apparatchik of America’s eyes and ears, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), produces the rebuke, “we have the United States of America. If you do not cooperate, we will send you home.” In fact, this was done to Charlie Chaplin and almost to J. Robert Oppenheimer, who had led the Manhattan Project, during the Joseph McCarthy purges.

Today, the CIA is desperate for Americans with foreign language skills because ethnocentricity, xenophobia, and racism have produced a culture of socially acceptable discrimination, whatever the law. The CIA has the technical savvy of mind control, MK Ultra and NBIC, a more insidious variation of water-boarding, not social control, in the name of the global war on terrorism, when the mind itself is invaded into asphyxiation until state compliance results. The government no longer needs the Edward Wilsons to roam the streets of America to acculture immigrants.

After McCarthy and Nixon, the shadow of abuse has turned into a ghostly watermark. Enemies, domestic and foreign, are those who do not comply with those who comply with this ideology, domestic and foreign. Many Americans still believe that naturalized immigrants must wait a few generations to realize their aspirations. Otherwise, to the American state their dreams are delusional and could be proven to be so by the American Psychological Association with close ties to Skull and Bones. Medical malpractice is a non-issue. The government’s plausible deniability renders the suspension of Habeas Corpus moot, for America has always been at war with itself, as if abuse is a necessary birth pang of integration.

New Americans, albeit the Constitution, especially those with a passion for self-realization to their God-given fullest potential, believing in the American rhetoric, typically have three options: to be ghosted so as not to irk the society, gently beaten into compliance by abuse by the English founders, just as the Elizabethan English ― unlike the more cruel Columbian Spaniards of Isabella ― internally displaced the Indians to near extinction as America manifestly expanded its destiny westward, whether they be German, other Northern European or anyone else; or to become God Heads, free from passions, to build social capital for their children and grandchildren; or to comply, killing their passions, (in)voluntarily. None of these three options directly benefits those motivated to become American.

America’s strange love for its newcomers can only be realized by the labor of love of its immigrant serfs, always monitored, from the Revolutionary War to 9/11. The land of liberty has always been the long road out of serfdom, unless social stature devolves from citizenship and not socio-economic class in a country that delegates power to whom it elects. Neither states’ rights nor the rights of the state should matter in the face of the Bill of Rights.

America’s ambassadors to the world are, first and foremost, its immigrants, and only then, as biology naturally dictates, their natural born children. Until then the culture of complaint is the indispensable mechanism for the redressal of grievances.


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