Raising Harvard

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard, the three universities in the English-speaking world, separated by about three centuries between the United Kingdom and the United States, together with Padua, Bologna, Sorbonne and Heidelberg represent a continuum in educating the peoples of the world after the Academy and Lyceum of Plato and Aristotle in the Macedonia and Greece of Alexander the Great and the Nalanda of Asoka the Great’s India. Education is always the twin of the ambition of Empire or its contentment.

American classical liberalism is the fortunate distillation of all that had come before it. With empire, the window that classical liberal inquiry opens into the ways of the world, closes because of the claim to Truth of what is already known. The hegemony over the true as the True translates into tyranny, stifling not only the freedom to know but because of it the freedom to live in dignity. This is the state of Anglo-Saxon education and empire since the end of the Cold War.

The compact of self-governance of the Puritans who had established a college to educate their young and later to run the affairs of the state, creating a tradition of cultural values through education in much of New England which produced the United States of 1776, much as Aristotle did with Alexander the Great and his other pupils in the Lyceum, is now educating a minority of Americans to govern the remaining majority through the state.

There are very few remaining in this world who know how to raise Harvard and its antecedents, Cambridge and Oxford. The opening of the American mind has its roots in the enlightenments of the ages. Its reopening must also reach back into the values of those times.

White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, aspirants in spirit to the divinity within, embodied three critical values in their education, lacking in today’s Ivy League athletics of mind and body: non-ritualistic study of the King James bible to understand God for themselves, as individuals in communities which governed themselves.

The separation of Church and State does not necessarily entail the eradication of the Church from the edification of the mind. Erudition grounded in the timeless values of tradition anchors the society and the state.

The Harvard of 1636, therefore, needs raising again if America is not to lose its way.


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One Response to Raising Harvard

  1. My predicament below has especially been exacerbated since my comments on a working paper titled “Education and Terrorism” by Antonio Spilimbergo of the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER):

    I contributed to a Clinton White House requested critical infrastructure protection speech in 2000 at the Greenspan Federal Reserve at the behest of Alan Greenspan through the Federal Reserve’s Staff Director for Management Stephen R. Malphrus and a Deputy Director of the Fed’s Division of Information Technology Marianne Emerson. Because of my contribution, it appears I was set up and put under public observation and surveillance since then.

    I am being forced not to employ myself as a consultant but to be employed by others, to be in the background for putting my skills to use within the existing paradigm of socially acceptable racial and religious attitudes, preferences and biases, politically correctly, and by respecting the de facto social ceilings, whatever the value of my merits and my capacity to realize my fullest potential.

    I am currently a high-value consultant whose work cannot be in the employ of any other corporation because of the potential for abuse of my reputation and presence as an employee within those corporations for corporate benefit through plausible deniability.

    The same argument holds for the government, for example, Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve and Barack Obama, president of the United States using intelligence agencies to guinea pig me for their self-aggrandizement and of their supporters, a Federal crime, without acknowledging my contributions through direct, explicit hiring in the appropriate position and because I complained about government abuse of power to the media, the Senate, the FBI and the Nobel Committee, while a government employee at the Federal Reserve in 2010.

    This is a suspected worldwide Secret Service/DIA/CIA activity of white/gray/black guinea-pigging by triggering social controls and a gagging environment through government mediation, in violation of Amendments 1 and 4, to prevent my idea and business model from taking hold because the United States government sees it as not being in the national interest, albeit peaceful, except if it is given away to others of high influence and power.

    My unemployment income through 05/2012 is $11,180. I am unemployed because whenever I am seeking to be a consultant, beginning at the Federal Reserve in 2009, I am being forced to resign from W2 employment to force me to remain in the background. The economics of this unemployment income is a wage of about $5.82 per hour, less than the minimum wage in any part of the country, for a work-year equivalent of 1920 to 2080 hours, while subjecting me to government psychological operations (psyops) to “play the game” or “play along” with the guinea pigging so that the government does not have to acknowledge its criminal wrong doing which has destroyed my marriage of more than 18 years and my family.

    After attempting to medically label me paranoid and delusional through the Montgomery Country Circuit Court in Rockville, MD and the United States Secret Service, the Federal Reserve is finally relenting and cooperating, instead of enjoining me to cooperate as it had done when I complained about the institution commandeering my work outside of my job responsibilities to the benefit of its economist staff, political appointees and others in Washington and elsewhere since 2000 without my consent.

    The Federal Reserve is processing my three (3) SF-95 claims for personal injury damages for the period 2000-2010 and the period since, despite me leaving the Fed. The Senate is investigating a veiled death threat that I received from the Fed. The CIA Inspector General is also in receipt of my SF-95 claim because its security guard, Mr. Pistol, lifted a sub-machine gun for no fault of mine when I went there to drop off my business card as a consultant for Agency procurement attention. The Montgomery County Circuit Court in Rockville, MD is willing to take a second look at the unfairness of my divorce court proceedings brought about by chronic Federal Reserve-IMF interference by pressuring my then spouse Dr. Tabatchnaia Tamirisa, a mid-level manager rank economist in the IMF’s Research Department, to control me at home.

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