The Coming End Of Israel?

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Leon Panetta, has been reported as saying that Iran is aiding the militant groups in Iraq and this could be a concern for the stability of the fledgeling Iraqi democracy.

Iran, a Shia country, has clearly been preparing to forge closer ties with the Shia majority in Iraq, after a bloody decade long war when Saddam Hussein was at the helm during the Cold War, letting the United States do the dirty work of fighting the battle for the Sunni Bathist’s ouster.  Or was the United States in Iraq, beginning in 1991, to prepare for the coming rapprochement with Iran?

Bush 43 of Gulf War II, the son of Gulf War I president, Bush 41, the father and son Skull and Bones duo of Yale University may be making a point here. In the ideology of the culmination of the days before the commencement of a millennial peace, The Revelation to John, the end of days is the end of Israel. And this dynamic appears to be being worked into the geopolitics of ending the conflicts in the Middle East and in Afghanistan by ending Israel.

For a country much ballyhooed as Judeo-Christian, it is difficult to believe that America can be behind the end of the Jewish state it, together with the United Kingdom, helped create since the times of World War I, especially when Jewish influence in the United States is at its zenith. Wheels within wheels, as Jeeves, the butler to Bertie Wooster calls the ways of the world in one of P.G. Wodehouse’s novels, appears to be at work in the diplomatic and military tango over Iran.

American support for the majority Sunni Saudi Arabia with a large minority Shia population, with no diplomatic relations with Israel, is unequivocal. The recent popular uprisings across the Middle East and North Africa, in what was once the Caliphate, for democracy, and the resistance of Israel to it, suddenly brings to relief the transformed dynamic on the ground, in favor of U.S interests, cornering Israel into a resolution to the Palestinian conflict which is stuck in the morass between the Hamas militants in Gaza and the more moderate factions in the West Bank.

Panetta’s “concern” about Iran in Iraq could be the public dance to provoke Iran (which has the anti-Israeli blessing in the United States), should the United States confront Iran’s Iraqi militant proxies in Iraq (a tension that existed since 2006), to attack Israel (or vicer-versa) instead of entering into a direct confrontation with the U.S armed forces. Any such bi-lateral war which could embroil Iran and Israel could seriously jeopardize the territorial integrity of the Israeli state, while stability in Iraq is restored by Iraqi forces with US help, because of the antipathy of the region to the Israeli state and the gravity of the emerging US interests in the region.

The triumvirate of Bush (41, 43 and Cheney), the Pentagon (notwithstanding Abu Ghraib) and the CIA (notwithstanding torture) could restore Jerusalem to the Constantinian Christians. The Jews may have to find a more hospitable home elsewhere, in Europe, and in the United States or in the emerging economies of the world or compromise to preempt any attack on Israeli territory to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian problem sooner than later.


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