The Jewish Diaspora?

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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“Then God said, “Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the wild animals of the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.” So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth.”

Genesis, 1:26-1:28


Jewish Diaspora is a view of one world. It is all Jewish: Eden to Babylon to the Old Colossus at Rhodes to the New Colossus in America and then to Russia and China, until the primacy of Judaism is established.

Theories of history, discussed by Harvard historian Daniel Lord Small in his book On Deep History and the Brain (an attempt, in my view, to root the Jungian collective subconscious of the species, not only culture or civilization in a Freudian sense, in the neuro-biology of paleohistory), have a way of forming the lens through which we see the world. One such theory is that of the exile from the land of the plenty after the fall of Man: Eden. This is the theory of regression from the state of perfection. The other is the Hegelian philosophy of history, of the dialectically didactical, yet non-Socratic and non-Kantian and, therefore, our unenlightened materialist and modern progression to perfection.

The fall has led to the spread of man around the earth through Shem, Ham and Japeth, the sons of Noah of the Great Flood of the Genesis, the First Book of Moses, believe the Jews. Scarcity, in my hermeneutics of the Jewish faith, becomes the basis of economic science, the raison d’ être of the species, transforming homo sapiens into homo economicus, and thus the principal cause of migration and human toil (work): the first chapter in any text book of economics on the Theory of the Firm and its relationship to technology, the Cobb-Douglas production function and later the economist John Hicks, a staple of the calculus of all economic output. And, therefore, as one creationist story of civilization goes, we are all Jews, homo economicus, Abrahamic or not.

In this theology of regression is couched progression, because the belief of science and technology, economic science included, in its capacity to manage scarcity, hopefully ad infinitum, produces the Hegelian modernity of heaven on earth. The planet becomes the Eden, the paradise lost and the paradise expected to be regained.

This theory has a powerful influence on the dynamics of geopolitics. The small Jewish population of the world, which is between 12-18 million including converts (Wikipedia; all adherents must be converts as required by the faith, unlike in Hinduism; also, see footnote in comments), self-ordained as the chosen descendants of YHWH by his covenant with Abraham, feel free to roam the planet for its safekeeping for their god. This is the real Jewish diaspora, the descendants of the Israelites of the Genesis, a Jewish gene established firmly in genetics and tracing back to the fertile crescent of the Near East to about 15,000-10,000 years ago.

The Jewish people are migrating to China from the Near East and the United States after migrating out of Europe at the end of World War II, coopting progress since the days of Egypt (the Ark where the stone tablets of Moses from Sinai are stored is of Egyptian origin and speculated to be beneath the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem where the ancient Temple of Solomon had once stood). They are also increasing in numbers in India. This is the Jewish diaspora, diaspora because, we, the Jews say, are condemned by god to be in exile forever.

I argue elsewhere that this exile of the few will only end with the extinction of the species as a whole, as had other species before, because of the biology of evolution since the magnificent and unexplainable cosmological accident that is the earth, creation (Genesis 1:1-1:19), and hence our imperfect cultural, scientific and technological progression along the way.

At claim is the theory of history and at stake is civilization itself.


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12 Responses to The Jewish Diaspora?

  1. coastcontact says:

    If you are arguing that the world would be better off without Jew you are 1)anti-Semitic and 2) a fool. Some of the greatest contribution to the world have been created and invented by Jews. If you need a list just Google it. If you do not want to do that go to my web site and read this article

    You are wrong about the number of Jews. The worldwide Jewish population is about 14 million people. That too is a very small number.

    Have you nothing better to write about?

    • If you can provide me a reference for the 14 Million number I will attribute that fact check to you.

    • I fact checked it on Wikipedia. It is between 12-18 million including converts (assuming all adherents are converts as required by the faith). I corrected the number in my article.

    • I read Dr. Farrukh Saleem’s article. I had arrived at the same conclusion as Dr. Saleem of education as the cause of the relatively high living standards of Jewish and Asian minorities in the United States and so has the economics profession (Granger causality; economic science cannot prove causation) for the world as a whole.

      I attempt to explain the phenomenon of the domination of global education and health (progress) by the Jewish people as the result of them coopting progress around the world before contributing to it, usually by excluding non-Jews to stake their claim over civilization.

      A regression on Nobel Laureates by faith, especially in economic science will produce a highly significant coefficient on the Jewish variable (this econometrics of mine is derived from the observation of my political science professor Johan Galtung from 1994). Meaning, good ideas survive but why do they, in most instances, belong to the Jewish people especially since World War II (US Jewish population is larger than that of Israeli Jews). Are the Jews rent-seeking in their exclusion of others, learning to be free (see my article “The Elites and All Else”), rendering moot Yehuda Bauer’s question: “Why the Jews?” in his book History of the Holocaust (others such as Rudy Rummel have rebutted Bauer by arguing correctly that persecution of those who are different from any mainstream ideology is universal to the human condition).

      Hindu Brahmins of my faith of birth, upbringing and practice are about 2-4 per cent of about 1.1 billion Indians or about 20-40 million, a small number. Many are situated in India. Are highly educated but not as influential or wealthy as the Jews globally, even though they are so in India just as the Jews are in Israel. It must be noted here that the Jews are the majority 73% in Theodr Herzl’s Zionist Israel
      (see my article The Moment of Truth about the beginnings of the modern state of Israel) but the Hindu Brahmins are not the majority in secular India.

      I would, therefore, disagree with Dr. Saleem’s characterization of the global Jewry. The Jews are highly influential around the world but only beginning to acquire power except in the Zionist state of Israel where they are the establishment. As to why this is so see my article “The Elites and All Else.” Also see my Amazon publication “Raising Harvard.”

  2. coastcontact says:

    Your response to my comment tells me that you admit to my accusations. I will not waste my time on you. My subscription to your blog is canceled now.

    • Thank you for canceling your subscription to my paid blog (I did not receive any payments from you for reading my articles). If your accusations are that I am an anti-Semite and a fool because I appear to question Jewish power, it is critical for the future of Israel in the Near East to understand that the uniqueness of the Holocaust is a false argument and the world’s sympathy for Nazi Jewish killings is worn in the face of the Palestinian problem. Calling all non-Jewish critics of the Jews anti-Semites is puerility.

      If Secret Societies of the world align themselves closely with American and European sentiments to gain power, Christianity since Jesus the Jew has coopted Rome through the message of peace of the New Testament, Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1-48) being a critique of Judaism from within, thus wholly coopting European social cosmology since Constantine the Great, finally giving the Jews their share of civilizational power after the Holocaust. Maturity in power is a worthy attribute, otherwise it can be lost.

      Read my article The Coming End of Israel. It is a battle for civilization, and every American Jew knows it because of the Jewish and conservative Judeo-Christian rent-seeking that has become increasingly pervasive in the United States (anecdotal evidence):

      I contributed to a Clinton White House requested critical infrastructure protection speech in 2000 at the Greenspan Federal Reserve at the behest of Alan Greenspan through the Federal Reserve’s Staff Director for Management Stephen R. Malphrus and a Deputy Director of the Fed’s Division of Information Technology Marianne Emerson. Because of my contribution, it appears I was set up and put under public observation and surveillance since then.

      I am being forced not to employ myself as a consultant but to be employed by others, to be in the background for putting my skills to use within the existing paradigm of socially acceptable racial and religious attitudes, preferences and biases, politically correctly, and by respecting the de facto social ceilings, whatever the value of my merits and my capacity to realize my fullest potential.

      I am currently a high-value consultant whose work cannot be in the employ of any other corporation because of the potential for abuse of my reputation and presence as an employee within those corporations for corporate benefit through plausible deniability.

      The same argument holds for the government, for example, Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve and Barack Obama, president of the United States using intelligence agencies to guinea pig me for their self-aggrandizement and of their supporters, a Federal crime, without acknowledging my contributions through direct, explicit hiring in the appropriate position and because I complained about government abuse of power to the media, the Senate, the FBI and the Nobel Committee, while a government employee at the Federal Reserve in 2010.

      This is a suspected worldwide Secret Service/DIA/CIA activity of white/gray/black guinea-pigging by triggering social controls and a gagging environment through government mediation, in violation of Amendments 1 and 4, to prevent my idea and business model from taking hold because the United States government sees it as not being in the national interest, albeit peaceful, except if it is given away to others of high influence and power.

      My unemployment income through 05/2012 is $11,180. I am unemployed because whenever I am seeking to be a consultant, beginning at the Federal Reserve in 2009, I am being forced to resign from W2 employment to force me to remain in the background. The economics of this unemployment income is a wage of about $5.82 per hour, less than the minimum wage in any part of the country, for a work-year equivalent of 1920 to 2080 hours, while subjecting me to government psychological operations (psyops) to “play the game” or “play along” with the guinea pigging so that the government does not have to acknowledge its criminal wrong doing which has destroyed my marriage of more than 18 years and my family.

      After attempting to medically label me paranoid and delusional through the Montgomery Country Circuit Court in Rockville, MD and the United States Secret Service, the Federal Reserve is finally relenting and cooperating, instead of enjoining me to cooperate as it had done when I complained about the institution commandeering my work outside of my job responsibilities to the benefit of its economist staff, political appointees and others in Washington and elsewhere since 2000 without my consent.

      The Federal Reserve is processing my three (3) SF-95 claims for personal injury damages for the period 2000-2010 and the period since, despite me leaving the Fed. The Senate is investigating a veiled death threat that I received from the Fed. The CIA Inspector General is also in receipt of my SF-95 claim because its security guard, Mr. Pistol, lifted a sub-machine gun for no fault of mine when I went there to drop off my business card as a consultant for Agency procurement attention. The Montgomery County Circuit Court in Rockville, MD is willing to take a second look at the unfairness of my divorce court proceedings brought about by chronic Federal Reserve-IMF interference by pressuring my then spouse Dr. Tabatchnaia Tamirisa, a mid-level manager rank economist in the IMF’s Research Department, to control me at home.

    • What did the Jewish people contribute, besides the myth of Egyptian slavery, the 5 books of Moses and Einstein, the non-Zionist? They largely kept to themselves until the Pagan and Christian Gentiles were coopted by the Jews.

      Every civilization known to man has fought for its identity in a forthright manner except the Judaic. Victimhood (Yehuda Bauer, History of the Holocaust) and coopting power cannot return Judaism to the glory of the myth of David and Goliath and King Solomon.

      Israel must reclaim its homeland, not other lands to spread its view of civilization, while giving the Palestinians their due.

      Otherwise, when the music stops, all other civilizations will integrate and isolate the Judaic if the faith does not relinquish its claim over its self-ordained divine chosenness (Yehuda Bauer, A History of the Holocaust).

  3. Footnote:

    Hinduism is a non-exclusionary way of life, unlike the Chosen People of Abraham, because it is the organization of the society, social and political organization being one and the same, ritual being ancillary. Therefore, Hinduism is either typically born into or can be acquired by acculturing oneself with the ways of the society. Conversion is not necessary. All other faiths, including Judaism, are ancillary religions to pre-existing forms of social organization in the ancient societies of Sumeria and Egypt.

    Hinduism is the only continuously extant faith since the days of Sumeria (Noah’s Ark) and Egypt (Ark of the Covenant), Indo-Aryanism acquiring the local pre-Aryan Hindu elements to create the Vedic-Aryan religion since around 1600 B.C.E (Will and Ariel Durant, The Story of Civilization, Volume 1).

    The intellectual dishonesty, therefore, in the Jewish claim over civilization is self-evident, as some eminent elders within Israel, such as Nobel Peace Laureate Shimon Peres, well understand.

  4. To Joshua Norman on Linkedin: We live in the age of the horse and the chariot. That of Iranian and Indian ancestry. Of the nobles.

    The Jewish exile, as I stated above, must end in earth (pagan) – the eden – and in one world (one God, many individual paths), not in overwriting all of civilization with Jewish cosmology. Creation and evolution are not mutually inconsistent. And dominion is not domination. Not man and nature, but man is nature.

    I can give you one God, but not the Aryan enlightenment – nobility of birth to nobility of the mind, no matter what your birth.

    Work for a sustainable Israel at peace with its neighbors. I will work with you.

  5. Is there a Jewish gene? The current claim in genetics is that there is dating back to about 14,000 years in the region of the fertile crescent of the Near East. The tricky part is that the faith is matrilineal (mitochondrial DNA). Then, is it your Y chromosome, if you are male or X (whether male or female)? 

I would say that you are Jewish if you know Hebrew well.

  6. I see Jewish accusations of anti-semitism after the Holocaust as a form of self defense. It has always been so since David and Solomon. Coopting power when theologically different is a form of geopolitical survival. Coopting civilization is its apex to avert being persecuted once again by the aggressor. This includes miscegenation, the primary discontent of Adolf Hitler with the European Jewry.

    See my article Jewish Diaspora above. Once bitten twice shy (once persecuted always persecuted) syndrome (Yehuda Bauer, A History of the Holocaust), besides Adam and Eve syndrome (Ham, Shem and Japeth: we are all children of the primordial parents, therefore, miscegenation is normal to the human race) as I describe in the article.

    North European projection of power (European and Jewish, Theodr Herzl and the road to Balfour Declaration, 1917) must soften for permanent peace in Israel.

    The Christians suffer from the theologically backward looking Jesus syndrome: crucifixion as proof of passionate commitment to a cause (see comment above for The Revelation to John and the Second Coming).

  7. The only difference between Judaism and Hinduism is the Hindu revelation.

    YHWH to Moses in response to “What is your name?”: I am that I am (Asher Ehyeh Asher: Is it “I am YHWH I am”? Did God reveal his name to Moses or is it Hebrew for God?)

    Krishna to Arjuna: Who is “I am that I am?” “Who are you?” I am it. The cosmos is divine. The Truth is Nirguna Brahmana (all are equal and devoid of characters and qualities, both good and bad, hence inherently divine).

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