Guns And Prisons

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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The United States of America is clean. Squalor worries Americans, particularly since the end of World War II and the Eisenhower I-State system and more so since Lady Bird Johnson’s beautification of the country, as her husband and the powerful Democrat Senate Majority Leader from Texas, Lyndon Baines Johnson, who was JFK’s Vice President before becoming president, put a semblance of order on the country’s racial and ethnic underclasses through his Great Society program of the American welfare state, from civil rights in 1964 to voting rights in 1965 and, somewhere in between, Medicare for the elderly. He must also have been concerned by the reduced migration of Europeans to the United States as Europe recovered because of the Marshall Plan. So, he reformed immigration to let more non-Europeans in.

In the Europe of the commoners, the soccer playing masses of the continent of the heritage of the United States, hooliganism is a scourge in the feverish stadia, as if that bad habit had been inherited from the Roman colisea where gladiators competed with wild animals to entertain the citizens of the empire as the elites watched to distract the denizens from their duties as citizens of the state so that they could rule through unchecked power – a form of state-hooliganism or etatism.

Hooliganism, from the United Kingdom to Italy, in post-war Europe is characterized by a litter of garbage strewn in sports arenas after episodes of drunken revelry and bloody fist fights. European governments don’t like guns on the streets. And increasingly, their leaders don’t like weapons in the hands of their governments. Knifes, bottles, and cans for their citizens and legal small arms and light weapons for their militaries serve the purposes of the citizens and the state.

The United States, in its pursuit of ever more perfection, ups the ante in the class warfare of the globalization of violence. American government likes guns on the streets and select national parks of the hunter Teddy Roosevelt and privacy is protected with private armaments at the risk of the landlords and invited guests under a cloak of secrecy, away from the prying eyes of the tabloids and the talk shows.

American mainstream media, unlike its counterpart in Europe, is far too caring of the perceived dignity of its subjects to discuss the private antics of its rich and famous which is perhaps why they had left JFK alone in the White House and in Hollywood to maintain the myth of the American version of the Anglo-Saxon King Arthur’s Camelot, despite the Irish Catholic Celtic extraction of John Kennedy, from upstairs in the White House to the cabins of the ships of the Greek tycoon Aristotle Onassis. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were not rich and famous as JFK and Marilyn Monroe were when they committed their faux pas.

Guns, unlike knifes, bottles and cans, are small arms and light weapons in the hands of the citizens, to ensure Hobbesian peace on the clean American streets. The state wields far more powerful weapons which can annihilate “squalor” on the planet at the will of the state, a form of planetary etatism. The minds which create both are highly educated and the businesses which trade both are very wealthy and state protected.

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, unlike Japan’s constitution after the end of its Samurai warrior state in the summer of 1945, protects all weapons − of the state militia, at a full-third of the government’s annual spending worldwide (or about $1 trillion in 2011 dollars, all supplemental spending on wars included), and the street militias.

European hooligans are entertaining a new cultural ethos on their streets, from Switzerland to Amsterdam: legalization of mind-altering chemical substances, exported from the farms of Latin America and the backyards of California and Maine in the United States and the erstwhile pomegranate gardens of Afghanistan (Khandhahar) which now mostly grow poppy to Lower Manhattan, Hollywood, Paris and Milan, and of course, as the American justice system likes to differentiate, between crack and crystal cooking in the kitchens of the American poor, from Maine to Alaska and across the mid-West, who are on food stamps, and the powder of Wall Street, which is on Fed stamps, and Hollywood finesse.

The law in America must reconcile between the possibility of the failure of deterrence of guns on the canvas of drugs. The knifes, bottles and cans, in lieu of small arms and light weapons, suddenly seem attractive, especially because American prisons are full of Amendment 13 “slaves,” locked up for crack and crystal even as Amendment 1 libertarians live a life of gay abandon in the streets of New York and Los Angeles, untouched by the travails of those who work hard and play by the rules who can be criminalized for minor traffic offenses with registrations suspended for lack of emissions testing on near zero-emissions, highly energy efficient vehicles (50 miles/gallon, leaps and bounds ahead of any American car in the similar class and built using American technological innovations which were prevented by Detroit from succeeding in the United States, and touted by former CIA Director William Casey on CNN to reporter Frank Sesno a few years ago), just because they are foreign made.

The intent to criminalize in the United States betrays the lack of civility and basic decency in its politics and social life. The death of commonsense in the business of law in the United States has been well documented and argued by Philip K. Howard in his best selling book “The Death of Commonsense: How Law is Suffocating America.”

The great inner cities of American intelligentsia in Boston and Washington are blissfully (un)aware of both because the government can keep the “squalor” under control with a wink and a nod to the breaches of Amendment 4 by the state, Minority Report style, for the great American middle class to work hard and play by the rules.

(Thanks to my friend Mary Putnam of Oklahoma for defending the Second Amendment because We the People may soon need guns to defend ourselves from etatism or state encroachment as the Department of State recently acknowledged as being the developing state of affairs in the United States. As an example, a US Citizen named Mr. Pistol, proud to be a Central Intelligence Agency “Security Officer”, recently raised what looked like a sub-machine gun against me, a fellow US Citizen, for asking him at the guard post where the CIA visitor center was to drop off my business card).


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