Wilson, Truman, Kennedy, The Democrats, And The Former USSR

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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The counterfactual bestselling novel by Robert Harris of the rise of the Third Reich, Fatherland, is an extraordinary work of fiction. Hitler emerges victorious in World War II and occupies Europe.

The fact of World War II is even more ineluctable for enthusiasts of history: Josef Stalin’s Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) rises as an empire in the geopolitical space of Mark Antony’s Eastern Roman Empire, Byzantium, and occupies one-half of Europe as Winston Churchill loses his election for Prime Minister in the United Kingdom lamenting the descent of the iron curtain east of Germany. Harry Truman’s United States of America had made a deal with Stalin’s Russia on the rubbles of post-war Berlin and London to divide Europe.

The unsophistication of Mussolini’s (Catholic South) and Hitler’s (Protestant North) nationalist socialism lost in Europe in a battle for civilization since World War I as the modern ideologies of open in the west across the Atlantic and closed market economics in the east from the Baltics sandwiched the cultural chauvinism of the old world between them, taking down with them the just as chauvinist imperial Britain around the world.

European history was not unknown to the United States since the Revolutionary War. Napoleon Bonaparte doubled the size of the new republic before he ended up in Waterloo having lost because of his ambition for Russia. Leo Tolstoy immortalized Russia’s travails because of Napoleon in War and Peace and Ludwig Van Beethoven in his symphonies. Adolf Hitler had similar ambitions for Eastern Europe before Stalin held him back in the east while the United States invaded Normandy in France in the west in a bloody ground battle on the beach to end World War II.

The vast cold expanse up to the Urals which separate European Russia from its Asiatic counterpart, occupying nearly one-half of the Northern Hemisphere is a place of interest for continued conquest by the west. Why could not the United States, having very successfully executed the Manhattan Project at Trinity in New Mexico, and later in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in a real war to avoid protracted ground warfare in a distant Asian land also bomb the former Soviet Union to completely transform Europe, especially when it could easily do so from Berlin? The bombing of Japan, which came after Normandy, was more difficult because of the long aircraft range needed across the Pacific. United States and United Kingdom could have won Russia, a historical feat unaccomplished before in Europe.

Intelligence establishment in the United States, entirely a product of the presidency of Harry Truman, had lost sight of the forest from the trees. It had fought small battles, such as stripping  J. Robert Oppenheimer of his security clearance after the Bomb was built, to encourage the growth of a global military industrial complex. Russia did not have the bomb until the 1950s.

The anti-semitic, racist and pro-socialist Democratic party in the United States committed the country and the world to a protracted and gratuitous conflict, all because Harry Truman had made the mistake of not detonating nuclear weapons in Russia in favor of the “peace” of establishing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). War was peace and peace was war in the Orwellian detente of competing ideologies of republic since the assassination of Julius Caesar.

The undercurrent of race and religion in the secular geopolitics of the European peoples has persisted, as a result, in the form of the Cold War for about the next 4 decades dividing the world after it divided Europe, in a brinksmanship game of nuclear holocaust, embroiling two generations, while spinning-off what the science fiction writer and the ideator of geostationary satellite communications Arthur C. Clarke had called the Great Game of the space race.

It is high time to clean up the world before the pettiness of the wrong intelligentsia consumes the world once again to fulfill another prediction of Clarke’s fiction: the space race to Europa, the moon of Jupiter, between the United States and China.

There are better and more civil reasons, rather than as a socialist Star Trek, to explore the heavens more directly than as a spin-off of the Keynesian military industrial economic enterprise.


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