By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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Common Era LLC (CE) proposes the Shanti (peace) prize in recognition of the best individual contribution to sustainable global integration.

This prize will terminate the Nobel prizes for the benefit of all humanity because science does not cause justice and, hence, peace. Science is a useful convenience. Europe, United States and Japan will need to share technology with the rest of the world to achieve global sustainability and, hence, peace.

The purpose of the prize is to unite the heritage of the world’s peoples since the domestication of the bull and the cow, and the horse by the Aryan populations of Asia, to remember Sanskrit as the root of most Indo-European languages, and to pay homage to the divine as language – OM (Amen, the beginning and the ending, the origin and eternity), language – the ether of the mind – being (is) cosmology or the unity of the sexes – the sexless, genderless, nameless (Namahaa, Name) One God (beyond language) in the sacred pursuit of species survival.

The ancients, for example, Indo-Aryans believed that God spoke to them in Sanskrit. The Jews believed that it is Hebrew. The Greeks, Greek. The Arabs, Arabic. It is CE’s hypothesis that our common ancestors had heard themselves when they gave meaning to ideas using the spoken word after the biological evolution of language.

The deep biological history of language, its gene and its meme (information theory of cosmology), and hence culture, is the collective subconscious of the species. History and geopolitics began and will culminate in this oneness of humanity.

This oneness, or sustainability, can only be achieved through the steady rise in the standard of living, defined as happiness or quality of consumption, while containing the rate of depletion of natural resources through endogenized technical change for the betterment of the lives of all the world’s people(s).


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