Geopolitics 101: 9/11/2001 – 9/11/2011

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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A president, “Nobelled” as is the colloquium in the lingo of the de facto and unconstitutional technical telepathy that dominates the airwaves of a few if not all in this day and age of ultra-communications, is living up to his assignment of October 2009: he is bringing the world together at the expense of the country and its values he has been elected to lead. Its unintended consequence may be American disengagement from the rest of the world beginning September 19, 2011, 215 years after the Farewell Address of George Washington, Barack Hussein Obama’s predecessor when black slavery was still the norm in the United States of America of the 13 states whose border was the river Missouri.

American Telephone and Telegraph company (AT&T) of Alexander Graham Bell, founded in the day and age of robber baron capitalism and Lord Kelvin of the United Kingdom in the early 20th century but still imbued with the virtue of intellectual property instilled by Thomas Jefferson in 1789 is being sacrificed at the altar of an increasingly autocratic American democracy in the name of safeguarding the most cherished freedoms to think, speak and act in the interest of the self before the interest of the government and its institutions just as it had also been the case with John D. Rockefeller Jr’s Standard Oil Corporation in 1911.

Now, anti-trust is being enforced preemptively, before big ideas can yield big fortunes in the age of the new industrial revolution at the turn of the new century, one hundred year later as oil ends its reign. AT&T is also being sued by the Department of Justice (DoJ) for merging with another wireless telecommunications carrier, T-Mobile even though no economist or lawyer worth his or her salt would vouch for any anti-competitive behaviors or outcomes because of the merger.

The content from roving surveillance, under the provisions of the Patriot Act after September 11, 2001, of main street patriots is being fleeced for the benefit of an expansionary government on Constitution Avenue, purportedly in the national interest using private industrial capital in the service of national security by Top Secret America in a farewell to the man who cautioned the country about government tyranny and political partisanship and after whom the nation’s capital is named. The irony of national interest conceived as such will be the imminent decline of the United States on September 19, 2011, 10 days from now, at a theater near you.

The Congress or any other government entity let alone the American people have no unauthorized rights to any private online or electronically surveilled content under the Patriot Act, whether that content is or is not in the interest of national security. All Americans are free individuals first and citizens next before serving their country in a private or public capacity.

All elected officials, political appointees, civil servants and corporate workers own their non-job related content, their work content being subject to work laws and policies. Work time, at the work place or elsewhere, is work time and non-work time is the non-intrudable private space and time of the people.

Obama gave a speech yesterday to a joint session of the United States Congress of 535 elected peoples representatives in both chambers asking for monies to be appropriated from the new borrowings which have become available through 2013 as a result of the recent increase in the country’s debt ceiling, earlier than October 1, 2011 when Fiscal Year 2012 for his budgetary priorities to supposedly create jobs.

Obama fulfilled his constitutional obligation in the shadows and pall of shadow foreign groups running the country through elected representatives such as himself, who are at awe of the self-effacing men of power and wealth who rarely appear on television let alone maintaining a revealing website as most corporations do.

America’s elected officials and their political appointees are eager to be invited at taxpayers dime and time to annual globetrotting shadow soirees than using their own powers which have been delegated constitutionally to them by the 300 million Americans to enhance the general welfare of the United States.

The debt ceiling increase to raise government expenditures through expansionary fiscal policy was endorsed resoundingly by the conservative Federal Reserve Chairman Benjamin Bernanke who has supplied more money (about $16 trillion) than the entire annual size of the annual US economy (about $15 trillion), since 2007, but without results, and reluctantly by the Republicans after every Democrat, including the conservative but Republican Ben Bernanke, has attended one such gathering since 2007.

This political corruption, painted with the people’s face on it, is appalling. The United States would have lost little had all of its 537 people’s representatives (including the President and the Vice President) been stripped of their jobs (impeached on self-governing government ethics allegations) and arrested yesterday evening, if only the people fulfilled their constitutional obligation charging their representatives with treason when all of them had met under the hallowed roof of the nation’s Capitol.

India recently wanted to know the Swiss bank account balances of its politicians, direct and proxy. The United States must do the same. It is time to “follow the money” once again by creating a public website of financial disclosure for all elected officials and their political appointees.

There is no investment in the United States to create the 8 million well-paying jobs, the size of 15 International Business Machines (IBM) and AT&Ts combined, which have been lost since 2007. Moreover, there has resistance and a virulent government backlash against real time analyses and policy suggestions to create those jobs since 2007 even as they were being lost.

American people have themselves to blame when the proud announcement of AT&T’s listing in the sustainability index of 600 companies created in 1999 for a second year will be met with a playing field leveling response from foreigners by pulling the plug on the US dollar and debt. This index, with forward looking products and services but no results to show for the money (about $30 trillion or half the annual size of the global economy since 1999), was created in the same year the Clinton economic decline began.

In fact, 1776 highly recommends that this be done by foreigners. There is no investment in the United States except on the timeline through 2022 of economic recovery to “full” employment proposed by Obama and Bernanke, “to” supposedly “bring the world together” as charged by the Norwegian Nobel Committee to prevent the next industrial revolution from taking hold in Asia instead of in EuAmerica.

All countries may just as well compete to rebuild a more sustainable world for all of the world’s peoples, transparently, rather than the shadows of the few rigging the game against the light of the many, both inside and outside the United States, for this is Geopolitics 101 in the decade since 9/11/2001.


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