By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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The United States of America, The Washington Post reports exclusively through leaks by the president’s advisers besides reporting by late night serious talk shows such as Charlie Rose and foreign competitors to CNN such as France 24, wants to draw a careful distinction before the November 2012 election between Palestinian Statehood and the role of the United Nations (UN) in achieving it for Palestine.

The travesty of the world “recognizing” statehood for Palestine aside because it was all Palestine for as long as the Judeo-Christian Western Civilization has memory, the bigger absurdity is the United States, given its shifting interests away from Israel in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) since spring of this year, wanting to veto the resolution at the UN for Palestinian Statehood, flexing its unilateral power to keep that accomplishment uniquely American.

After the end of the Roman occupation of the region and subsequently English occupation, it is high time the colonization of Palestine ended, returning full sovereignty to the peoples of the region, all leaning democratic, that process beginning with the founding of the State of Israel in 1948. The moment to do so is ripe.

The beginning of the end of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would be the recognition of the statehood of Palestine among the family of nations, this year at the United Nations. This recognition is long in waiting since 1948 and the United Nations must remedy the mistake it made when Israel was recognized.

To the neighbors of Israel and Palestine, Arab spring has brought a welcome development: Israel’s Arab neighbors are more willing than ever before to fully normalize diplomatic relations with the Jewish state and this sentiment can go a long way in bringing relief to the Israeli and Palestinian people from the agony of conflict that has plagued the region for more than 60 years.

To end conflict permanently and bring sustainable peace to the region, two intractable issues must be negotiated between Israel and Palestine: the free passage of Palestinians between the West Bank and Gaza without Israeli checkposts, and the status of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem has always historically been Jewish, accommodating diverse faiths which have arisen since the birth of the Jewish religion about 6 millennia ago. This accommodation must be preserved while recognizing the city’s Jewish heritage as the birthplace of Christianity and as a holy site for Islam. At this time, the United Nations must also seriously consider recognizing Jerusalem as a separate city-state.

Upon statehood, political factions within the new state of Palestine, primarily Hamas and those claiming the political legacy of Yasser Arafat, must resolve their differences among themselves.

Israel is majority Jewish and minority Arab and Muslim and Palestine will be majority Arab and Muslim and minority Jewish, the two democratic nation-states living side-by-side in Millennial peace.

A free Palestine is the first step, not the last. Transformations LLC advises the United States not to veto Palestinian Statehood in the United Nations.


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