Imagination Economy?

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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Imagination has always been the fountainhead of economic growth. The transition from hunting and gathering to the idea of sowing a seed to harvest a crop had begun the age of imagination. There are no terms to coin. Only coins to be replaced by electrons at a time when electricity and thought have become technically synonymous.

When airwaves are transmitting trillions of dollars every day between the global financial markets and thoughts of paraplegics, terrorists and geniuses alike are being accessed by computers remotely, there is plenty of imagination being locked up for the benefit of a few by cycling the economies of the world up and down at will in a global economy of post-modern feudalism.

The simmering revolution underway in society is not that of technical imagination, but of the yearning of the peoples of the world for equity and rehabilitation, not expulsion for the crime of seeking access to the tree of understanding. There are more community college graduates than there are those who can think differently because education is closing the mind instead of opening new vistas.

The technology of money is chasing facades of nepotism creating illusions of wealth because America has lost its sense of purpose and identity. This knowledge of ether as the linkage between thought and action has become as sacrosanct as the tree in Eden for the lay masses, naked by their unsophistication, for them to be banished unless they comply with the will of the god-players with giant god complexes.

We are living in a global society of technocratic dictatorship, not representative secular democratic republics. The world is flat for some until it is “permissible” to be flat for the rest.


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