The Meaning Of Christmas For The Non-Believer

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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The infidels have a long history. The cult of YHWH since Abraham’s covenant with his god excommunicated those who did not believe in the god of Abraham.

The myth of slavery of Moses and his people in Egypt to blame the establishment of Israel and its warring tribes on the declining empire proscribed idol worship. The worshippers of the golden calf and the Cananites became the infidels as had the Egyptians.

Jesus Christ who had declared himself the messiah to deliver the Jewish people out of the exile of toil was the infidel. The Sermon On The Mount and the anger with the money changers to restore the law given to Moses was insolence. That he believed he was the son of god was heresy.

Universal love, rendered credible through self-sacrifice by The Christ-the self-anointed Son of YHWH-on the Roman cross but as a Jewish punishment for being the unbeliever in perpetual exile with no redemption, is a Christian requirement for deliverance.

World’s Christians have to sacrifice to spread the message of The Christ, for the test for universal love in the faith is being prepared to give up that which you cherish most: your life. The Second Coming of The Christ is to eliminate the non-believers in Him, in the Abrahamic tradition.

The Second Coming in the Christian faith occurs when Christendom gains absolute power to either convert or eliminate, that power gained through sharing (and) sacrifice as did the early Christians to remake Rome after Constantine.

The world, however, does not work according to Jesus. Christians, celebrating self-sacrifice to love another as they love themselves, shall be crucified again because in Christ YHWH, the god of Abraham, aspires to be the God of all peoples. Universal.

If the Christian looks forward to establishing righteousness by avenging crucifixion in The Second Coming he becomes a Hindu: Kalki.

That Second Coming, in this Age of Armageddon, is Mohammed. God spoke the Quran to Mohammed in Arabic just as the Father spoke to his Son in The Revelation of Jesus to John.

When the return is not with the purpose of righteousness, it becomes pursuit of power in pure evil.

Christianity has no place on the landscape of faith because it ceases to be a faith without the purpose of nativity and the return in The Revelation, for Nativity, Crucifixion, Rising and Revelation are for the purpose of proving that Jesus was indeed The Christ, Son of God anointed to deliver His people. It presents an existential threat to the non-believer who does not believe that he is the son of the Father, when absolutely powerful. And it is so at this moment in history.

Asking for sacrifice without your own is not credible. Shared sacrifice raises the question of equity.

Deliverance is in virtuous self love. Not in sharing (and) sacrifice.

Ecce Homo.


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