5772 And 4709: Ian Fleming And Tom Clancy On The Intrigue In The Vatican, India And Georgia

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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The playboy James Bond and the faithful, ever-righteously indignant, husband Dr. Jack Ryan are fading fast as the Chinese and Israelis are emerging from their shadows. The communists are gone and the Irish are peaceful, rediscovering their pagan hyperborean heritage in Riverdance after the bloody conflict of Nighthawks.

A plot against Pope Benedict XVI, 84, was suspected as the 2 week Chinese New Year celebration ended on February 6th. Chinese President and Premier, Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao, were in Germany on February 3 meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel prior to handing off power to their successors in China. Soon after, a car bomb explodes in New Delhi and another is found in Tblisi, targeting Israeli diplomats in both countries. Iran is accused of both incidents in support of the Lebanese political party Hezbollah, with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claiming to have defused similar attacks in Azerbaijan and Thailand. The sideshows of Chechnya and Chinese Muslims continue, treated as internal problems to Russia and China.

Beginning during the days of the Bush administration, Christianity, in particular Catholicism, was seen as a force for peaceful democratic change in China. Tibet, making up one-half of the country together with its milch-yaks, did not quite fit the Chinese conception of “one China” which likes Mandarin in the Cantonese former British-protectorate of Hong Kong and yak meat in Tibet. Even the Dalai Lama has given up on leading the bovine and Buddhist Tibetan people in exile in the friendlier Dharamsala in India.

China is uniting China, once again, about 2200 years after Qin Shi Huang, economically absorbing Taiwan, incubating Hong Kong and Shanghai, and integrating Tibet with a train that befits the highland lasses of William Wordsworth from Beijing to Lhasa. It does not like destabilization, from one 5 year plan to the next, urbanizing rapidly inward from its east coast to build a Chinese version of the United States, except for the American west coast: not a fantastic aspiration for the world’s second largest economy at about $11 trillion on a purchasing power parity (PPP) basis and the largest, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), at about $16 trillion by 2016, with a required annual growth rate to maintain social stability of between 8-10%. After 2016, China’s next economic objective is to equalize the average or per capita income of the 1.3 billion Chinese with that of the 305 million Americans or about $50 trillion in annual economic output compared to America’s projected $20 trillion gross domestic product (GDP) at an optimistic annual growth rate of 2.5% by 2030.

To China’s south is its historic rival, India, with whom it had won a war once to claim India’s most sacred land, Mount Kailasa and Manasarovar. India has economic aspirations similar to China’s but a different political system and a diffuse way of engaging with the rest of the world.

To its north it has the mighty Russia, occupying one-half of the northern hemisphere for its 138 million people who own the richest land on the face of this earth, both to the west and the east of Urals, in geographic Europe and geographic Asia. China gets its minerals, oil and gas from Russia after every American president from Nixon to Clinton opened China because Washington did not like Moscow.

Of course, to its west, as it expands away from the glitter of Shanghai’s lofty nightline, beyond the Great Wall (whose visibility from the moon as a pencil brush-line upon earthrise is now being disputed by NASA based on Chinese accounts), it has the Aryan-nation Iran on the Silk Road, bordering the Caspian Sea.

From Afghanistan, with its rich lithium riches, to the Central Asian republic of Azerbaijan and the Buddhist but unstable Thailand after its recent military coup, China’s influence is waxing in its year 4709, the powerful and auspicious year of the black or water dragon, of the elements of the earth, which began on the first day of its lunar month which began on January 23, 2012.

It seems as though, as unintended consequences may have it, the Holy Door which had opened in the Vatican in the year 1999 for Christmas to commemorate the coming turn of the Gregorian millennium had opened for the resurgence of China and its calendar after Cheng Ho the Eunuch’s ships were burnt by the Ming dynasty before Europe could be reborn in its renaissance. Cheng Ho was also known as Zheng He and by the Persian Muslim name Hajji Mahmud Shamsuddin whose heritage roots China’s geopolitical aspirations in Eurasia firmly in modern day Iran.

The news about a plot against one of the most conservative Popes, who does not like the Chinese regime just as his predecessor John Paul II did not like the former Soviet Union, at a time of contentious change in Rome because of the corruption and burlesque of former Italian prime minister Burlesconi and the desire of Italians, perhaps connected to the Sicilian mafia, to regain the papacy from Germany during this crisis of the euro; the car bomb in Delhi and Tblisi attributed to Iran and Lebanon by Israel to possibly drive a wedge between the Aryans and Indo-Aryans given India’s continued commitment to Iran on energy imports despite the contrarian US policy due to the Iranian nuclear program, Israel and Palestine; and the purportedly foiled attacks on Israel in Azerbaijan and Thailand – all point to an Israel which wants to wisely make peace with the rising China and Iran on the one hand and on the other hand wants to gets its way on Palestine.

Israel may be creating the perception that it is under attacks similar to the American experience after Gulf War I to make the point that Israel is under Iranian-sponsored Muslim attacks in Eurasia by orchestrating India, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Thailand through the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad: neither is Israel America nor should America use Israel as a global proxy to persuade the rest of the world on Iran and Palestine.

Israel is playing a dangerous game of a cat, without the nine lives, on the wall, goading America in Washington on the one hand, during the election year, to go to war against Iran while, on the other hand coopting China economically through Wall Street and Washington.

China is a consequence of American insouciance on deficits. Arithmetic shows that in the G20 no country is as much at risk from fiscal imbalances as the United States, besides southern Europe – a consequence of US policy leadership and the European Union’s inability to read the American tea leaves for implications to the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). Europeans who do not like the euro win and the rest lose, though at issue is the viability of the European (political) Union (EU), the world’s largest (regional) economic bloc and the largest economy in 2011 at a few hundreds of thousand dollars bigger than the United States, despite its troubles.

US Treasury and Bill Clinton’s coterie misled the EMU into imploding over the period of a decade, through Wall Street, the case in point being Goldman Sachs and Greece, to unscrupulously restore the Clinton miracle built by the Clinton Treasury on the just as unscrupulous murder of the Asian miracle, Japan’s prolonged deflationary debacle, Latin American defaults and Russia’s chaos in the 1990s because of Washington Consensus’ war-like zero-sum game of global economic growth.

Washington Consensus refuses to yield everywhere else in the world except in the United States despite the budget deficits because it has become the policy tool of choice, albeit increasingly tenuous and contentious, to maintain America’s relative economic strength at the expense of other nations.

Contrary to Timothy Geithner’s familiar refrain in Washington, America is not the envy or object of hate of the rest of the world which wants to be America, an opportunity only incompetent leaders fail to notice.

India, having averted a financial crisis in the ’90s, is now right on the heels of Southern Europe of being the next casualty in this war by Clintonomics with its national debt at close to 70 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) and a required growth rate for social stability of at least 8 per cent, unable to afford a recession but dependent on G7 currency inflows, despite India’s growing leverage as a market of choice, because of policy inertia, a trait it shares in common with the United States and EU.

Hubris and complacency, because of big hearts but closed minds, which characterize Clintonomics are not good bedfellows of wisdom. Clintonomics has become the scourge of the planet and a cancer on economic policy making. Bill Clinton and his entourage from the 1990s have become the vainglorious bait of the Chinese.

It is only natural, therefore, that the Chinese form of market economics and Germany’s resentment of American financial locusts become allies, but that alliance must be carefully negotiated by Germany because if Germany turns into a net importer, similar to America, without alternative policy options, EU, including the United Kingdom (UK), will be a moribund economy for all practical purposes as China’s rise consolidates over the geopolitical horizon, while India lags seriously behind, laggardly in concert with its traditional democratic allies in the West who, since 1989, have been more eager to placate China’s masterfully consistent geopolitical game for 40 years than they are to play their own game: Nixon’s Project Independence of 1973 had become the casualty of his China opening for all those 40 years, threatening to render America a casualty of geopolitical change over the coming 40 years.

As the power of the G7 wanes into the Pittsburgh compact of the G20 and the One World of Gro Bruntland, what America can only give to Israel in the region with war, China can give to Shimon Peres and Benjamin Netanyahu without war but only as an existential compromise: West Bank, without the Jewish settlements but their Jewish people if they wish to stay, in exchange for the State of Israel and an independent city-state of Jerusalem.

India and Georgia must work with Israel to bilaterally deal with the bombing incidents against Israeli interests on their soils.

The Zionist state of Israel is a sovereign nation, created in 1948, 64 years ago and celebrating the 5772nd year of the Hebrew calendar, is now fully capable independently living within its neighborhood and working with the United Nations (UN) which created it without also creating Palestine at the same time, to seek resolution to its problems should they escalate.

Hu’s and Wen’s farewell visit to Angela during one of the two weeks of China’s most powerful and auspicious New Year celebrations, places China on the threshold of its Confucian renaissance.

American interest, Washington ought to understand, is in the Arab Spring. China knows where its interests lay.

Americans firmly placing their hand on their hearts to recite the Pledge of Allegiance must instead place it on their heads. The Pledge must be revised once again to say “I pledge allegiance to United States of America, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”, consistent with the nation’s political structure (representative democracy) and its laws.

The religious liberty of monotheistic-paganism, of all the world’s peoples chosen by God, socially equal and treated in dignity, praying to the one God in his or her own way, is the emerging theology of China because of its engagement after its awakening with the barbarians beyond the Great Wall, just as it was in pagan Europe after the advent of Christianity, as it had been in India since the enlightenment circa 776 B.C.E, and in America since the Declaration of Independence in 1776 C.E.


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