Goldman Sachs: The Firm?

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”
― Upton Sinclair, I, Candidate for Governor: And How I Got Licked

I am building a firm.

After losing my wife, my family and all my share of marital assets because of the local divorce court, United States Secret Service, the Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and The White House – a life lived for more than a decade in Washington suburbs, for doing my job serving the money monopolist, the central bank of the United States.

A marriage in America has been destroyed and good lives, as Gary Gillum of the Federal Reserve should know, unconscionably disrupted by the government between the bookends of a debate over “climate change” in 2008 and a speech about the economic impact of critical infrastructure protection in 2000, in the asphyxiation of Washington, just as a scientist was driven to suicide in the political squalor of London over the meaning of melting ice and the bathos of polar bears.

Working in Washington for the government is about keeping secrets, even those not conveyed to you, despite the laws that protect civil servants engaged in public service under oath.

Whistle blowing is a duty if you know what whistle you have blown. When the world and the government thinks you blew a whistle, it seems like a mystery until you acquire evidence telling you of your inadvertent truth telling in a crisis of imposed breach of civil service rectitude: informal communication between a US government agency and an international organization implicating you and your spouse but not directly involving either in that communication.

The intangible that is the “American interest” often redistributes the tangible that is the people’s pocketbooks to those taking the revolving door both ways between government and business: the republic – guardians as phantoms of the glorious founding in the distant past etched in marble monuments on the national mall for a people complacent in their vainglorious lives handed down to them from behind the closed doors on Constitution Avenue and the Avenue of the Americas. From across the Potomac, the soldiers guard the rulers from the “mobs” at home and abroad.

Goldman Sachs, on 200 West Street in Manhattan, New York, is one such business, a firm, which “brings people, capital and ideas together to help [its] clients and the communities [it] serves.” It boasts secretaries of the Treasury, directors of Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in The White House, and countless government staffers who routinely and nonchalantly move in and out of the people’s business in Washington, similar to the rosters of Andover Academy and Harvard-Yale.

In fact, “public service” and “community outreach” in New York and elsewhere around the world are prerequisites for promotion to partnership. Now, even the academics – from endowed and titled university professorships in the Ivy League and elsewhere to the back offices of Wall Street firms such as Goldman – are in the “people game,” including Clinton, Obama and Bernanke, bringing their ideas to where the capital is, for capital is indistinguishable from power.

Economists, seriously and gravely for the health of the people and their own, no longer discriminate between financial capital and capitalism. The Federal Reserve prints “national savings.”

(Source: Paul Krugman’s blog in New York Times, Inventing a Conundrum. By the way, conundrum is an Alan Greenspan invention for the purported inexplicability of the relationship between the short run federal funds rate and other rates and long rates in the yield curve. @NYTimeskrugman ;At issue, is why GPSAVE so far in excess of GPDI when US private savings rate has risen but not sufficiently to fund domestic investment? Answer: Money supply.)

The Chinese have caught on. They call it Shanghai 10 education to incubate bright minds to serve one large “firm”, engaged in government and in business (including the free press), worldwide, from scholastic aptitude test scores at 18 to Nobels for the very few from the “order” who have helped the rest of their ilk most.

About 7 per cent of humanity these days, from mostly the G20 countries, shapes the incentives and fortunes of the remaining 93%, in an emerging global republic.

In this Cirque du Soleil between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Goldman Sachs, hangs earth in the balance and its one world, from Greece to everywhere.

The press can only speak its mind after receiving all the information the government releases by law to all the people at the same time. However, the plausibly deniable between the lines transparency of the unwritten First Amendment dance between the government and the people it serves is the unlawful privilege of the press to “scoop” the public before it is engaged directly by the government horse for which the government is paid by the public.

Freedom becomes a pawn in the Chomskian fugue of the free press and those vested with power by the people, held hostage by bureaucrats who willingly sacrifice their civil service protections for promotions to “persuade” the masses to the whims of the republic.

This is democracy in America, as it happens, in the nation’s capitol, and capital, the company town, owned by one “firm”, the United States government, the largest in America, whose otherwise public secrets, an oxymoron, are protected by the nation’s intelligence from its people. Their intentional or unintentional breach, no matter the primacy of citizen protections under law, can lead to legal persecution and death by government.

Free speech of the citizen and political accountability is overrun by the undemocratic privileges of press passes and government badges of political appointees and their offices beholden to the elected officials.

Goldman Sachs is not the type of firm I want to build.

I am building a firm.


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