Our World Or One World? Consequences Of A First Israeli Strike On Iran

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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Our World Or One World? is the emerging new divide. Of community or individual liberty?

President Obama says he does not bluff.

He is contrasting himself with Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars poker game. The Nobel Peace Laureate of a president is donning the garb of the Dark Lord of the Sith with Anakin Skywalker turned Darth Vader in the Department of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, next to him who did not like Reagan when he was at Dartmouth. All because Obama wants to be the Gipper of the left but remain unique. So, he expects to gain credibility by delivering on Reagan’s promise: defense modernization, from earth to space, for the political left of the world in his march to Our World, the Empire of the fatigued and the un-brave forged by indefatigable authoritarian states in the name of liberty and a new world order.

Paul Krugman, another Nobel Laureate, says in a recent New York Times blog that under Obama real government expenditures have gone down relative to Reagan. Never mind the national debt or shall we mind (it began accumulating during Reagan)? So, what can be greater: end of the Cold War with more debt and weapons attributable to the Republicans or absolute power over the world, worthy of a Jefferson-Jackson dinner oration in his gradual turn from being Demosthenes to Cicero, advancing America’s manifest destiny using the quiver full of arrows which can get the boys at the Pentagon excited about their new toys to save his Arab Spring from Persian intransigence in exchange for tolerating Putin in Russia and the rise of China on its own timeline?

Obama does not bluff.

The bunker busters must be being provided to Israel in preparation for a first salvo of surgical strikes on Iran on the many nuclear sites in a proxy shock and awe campaign. His former White House foreign policy adviser Fareed Zakaria is already talking about it for CNN and TIME.

Obama may not bluff, but Iran could be worse than Iraq. Using scalpels on the Aryan nation can provoke axes in warfare if the wedge between Persia and Arabia is being used by Israel to count on America’s support against Palestine and Syria at the United Nations.

(Hezbollah in) Lebanon and Syria to its North, Iran to the East, and Gaza to the South can push Israel into the Mediterranean for Palestine to advance west from the West Bank at a time when Israel’s peace with Egypt after Tahrir Square is tenuous and when America is in no position on P5+1 at the United Nations to exert persistent leverage on Russia and China, being in the minority on Palestinian statehood.

The Jewish Diaspora, reflecting The Washington Post’s nostalgia for snow in Jerusalem akin to snow in Los Angeles in The Father of the Bride, is blowing snow in a warm winter in the nation’s capital.

America’s and Europe’s decline brought about by their own errors of hubris could leave them without chairs when the music stops on Iran by the inexorable rise of Asia, Israel included.


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