PL 112-98: George Clooney, Erbil, Khartoum, Tehran And The Coming Disenfranchisement Of Dissent

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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George Clooney, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operative in the Hollywood flick Syriana, framed in the film by his own government for torture by Hezbollah, was arrested in front of the Embassy of Sudan in Washington, D.C. “Oo la la” went the women.

Every embassy in the nation’s capital is owned by the country whose diplomats are assigned to the United States. Sudan’s (North Sudan in this case) laws apply on the physical territory of Sudan’s embassy. US First Amendment does not apply. Clooney is out of luck with the Departments of State and The White House if Sudan used its diplomatic privilege to remove the protesters from the site of the Embassy.

(Source: Comprehensive Peace Agreement, 2005, Sudan, Wikipedia)

It is unclear using what law Clooney was arrested. Washington is lawless these days, its Lucys and all, protecting the US government from Americans since the passage of public law PL 112-98 (HR 347) quietly by the lawmakers and Obama until I knew of it on Twitter @c_ocoagrove from Naomi Wolf @naomirwolf.

Nobel Peace Laureate of a president is getting innovative in his efforts to maintain stability in the District of Columbia (DC) after Occupy Wall Street appears to be finding its way to Occupy DC. Obama does not want terrorism as in Oslo.

Obama does not want the “peace” of government activities to be disturbed by the “ruckus” of First Amendment-nicks, never mind that government employees can protest at work under the law. It feels like the psychosis of George Orwell’s 1984, not the exalted consciousness expected of Obama’s 2012.

PL 112-98 can send people to prison for up to a decade on felony convictions. Americans can be locked up if they leave the relative safety of NYPD Blue for the beguiling incarceration on the banks of the Potomac in their pursuit of government accountability.

Felons cannot vote. The right to vote is only for the politically correct: “Washington always knows best.” And elections are looming for the nation’s political class which faces growing discontent because a depression is being warded-off by the denizens in the wards of Washington since 2007, $16 trillion and counting out of the fire hoses by the bull in New York turned on by the policy wonks on Constitution Avenue and 20th in DC at the Federal Reserve. Clooney, had he protested there, would not have been arrested. Ben Bernanke, with his @federalreserve public affairs in tow, would have gone out of his way to be “transparent” for a photo-op with the tortured actor to make the Fed look good.

Nobody, including @secretservice, knows where the money is going. Manhattan wakes up to smelly sidewalk mornings after late restaurant nights, its streets as unclean as the windy days of Unfaithful, outer boroughs forgotten in the din of the monetary ticker tape celebrating the half-glass-full view of America’s “I never go wrong” splendor since the pall of economic emptiness of 2007. All the world is a stage for Broadway, in its theme park called Manhattan ensconced by Washington whatever the vicissitudes beyond the Beltway.

The gush of dollars are going to Erbil in Kurdistan, a tenuous province of Iraq and the oil-envy of Turkey, want to invade Iran, and go to the confluence of the blue sky waters of Khartoum, Sudan by the white and blue Niles to stave-off the ever brighter lights of Shanghai after the killing of Osama Bin Laden who once took harbor in the still poor but promising country sitting on the world’s 25th largest proven oil reserves of about 5 billion barrels.

The stumbling dollar and the rising yuan, the world’s top two economic powers, are vying for global resources in Middle East and Africa, conserving their own under the plains, mountains, seas and oceans.

DC arrested George Clooney, the naive CIA Syriana operative who believed in freelancing for freedom, for Khartoum’s oil.


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