Holy Lands: A Solution To The Palestinian Problem

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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(Source: Wikipedia. Nineteenth century out-of scale map of Judaism's four holy cities, with Jerusalem occupying the upper right quadrant, Hebron beneath it, the Jordan River running top to bottom, Safed in the top left quadrant, and Tiberias beneath it. Each of the four cities includes representations of the sacred shrines, as well as the graves of sainted rabbis and holy men.)

About 3800 years ago a man, perhaps of Kurdish descent in Northern Iraq, parted ways with his people because he believed in a different god. To mark his genealogy he instituted the tradition of circumcision of infant boys. His name was Abraham. His god was YHWH, a formless Hebrew voice, who he believed was the one God of all.

Whatever may be the theology constructed by him for the ancestry of all humanity, one possible cause for the fratricidal rift with his past in blood libel, Abraham’s story of the divine cannot escape the myths and symbols of his lineage. Circumcision, male and female, is a distinctly African custom significantly predating Abraham.

Settlement in agricultural communities in the fertile river valleys, not displacement, is civilization. YHWH’s Abraham was displaced from the abundance of Tigris and Euphrates, from Jordan, and in his imagination of his past from the Niles. He was wandering away from his roots in Sumer and the Egyptian influence of the times, in exile.

The subversion of the collective unconscious of the dominant geopolitical forces of the period of existence of Abraham and his descendants had set in motion the political necessity to carve out geographic space to practice his beliefs: Books 1 and 2 of Moses the law giver – Abraham’s descendants after his Covenant with his god – Genesis (in Africa) and Exodus (from Africa), culminate the theology of subversion of a Hebrew man of the Ziggurat of Ur at Babel.

The formlessness of the divinity and the burning fire of the scripture of Abraham and Moses had, despite the largely correct story of our common human origins even though the proto-language may not have been Hebrew to end in the babble after Babel, divested Hebrews of the attributes of society, culture, which is synonymous with civilization, the very attributes from which Abraham had voluntarily removed himself in the pursuit of the abstraction of one God.

Israel, instead of burrowing into the collective unconscious of other beliefs in the tradition of Abraham to establish the primacy of the theology of YHWH by going to war with civilization (a trait inherited by Roman Christianity, Protestant evangelism, and Wahabbi Islam which seek conversion to Jesus the Jew including of the Jews) must seek to understand that the law of Moses is but one path among many to the notion of one God.

Hebrew enlightenment by the law of YHWH, just as the Covenant of circumcision had divested Abraham’s clan of male foreskin, enforced that all Hebrews abide by the laws of Moses etched in stone, saved in the Ark, and as the Jews believe, beneath the Temple of Solomon of the United Kingdom of Israel in the Holy City of Jerusalem.

The Jews must be given the four holy cities – Jerusalem, Hebron, Safed, and Tiberias – in Palestine and other cities where they are in majority – Haifa, Ramla, Tel Aviv, Beersheba, Judea and Samaria, whatever the politics of the establishment of the State of Israel since Theodr Herzl and 1948. They must be allowed to rebuild their temple and look for the Commandment tablets of Moses in the Ark, which they believe, is buried beneath.

Christianity has Rome for Catholicism, Athens and Moscow for Orthodoxy, and London for Anglicanism.

Islam has Mecca and Medinah and the Shiite holy shrines in Iran. Muslims must move their Mosque (Dome of the Rock since the Caliphate) from the site of the Temple of Solomon.

God, however, is not an abstraction. It is the autonomously self-organizing regenerative cyclicality of all existence, forever morphing between form and formlessness.


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3 Responses to Holy Lands: A Solution To The Palestinian Problem

  1. 9m Israel ישראל ‏ @Israel
    Beautiful! | #Timelapse: #Night falls on the #Jerusalem wall: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3K9sZ4o4Rk
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    45s 1776 @1_776
    @Israel After Babylon, After Rome, and once, again now. http://ctamirisa.com/2012/03/26/holy-lands-a-solution-to-the-palestinian-problem/pic.twitter.com/DIYARal
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    1:33 PM – 5 Sep 12 · Details Flag media

    1m 1776 @1_776
    @Israel Restore it for a third time. http://ctamirisa.com/2012/03/26/holy-lands-a-solution-to-the-palestinian-problem
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    1:32 PM – 5 Sep 12 · Details

    4m 1776 @1_776
    @Israel Roma, fora, new and old, antiquity and modernity. The future of Jerusalem. It is all yours. pic.twitter.com/jrllXme
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    1m 1776 @1_776
    @Israel Jerusalem, old (temple and wall), new around it. Analogous to Rome, old and new. pic.twitter.com/1APsBbb
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    1:32 PM – 5 Sep 12 · Details Flag media

  2. 2h David Limbaugh ‏@DavidLimbaugh
    The United Methodist pastor introducing the God motion said Obama recognized Jerusalem as capital. That’s not true, is it?
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    2h 1776 @1_776
    @DavidLimbaugh If he did, it is good. http://ctamirisa.com/2012/03/26/holy-lands-a-solution-to-the-palestinian-problem/#comment-3212
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    7:08 PM – 5 Sep 12 · Details

    CBS News ‏@CBSNews
    Dems reinstate Israel, “God” in platform http://cbsn.ws/TjwtiQ
    Retweeted by 1776 Hide summary
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    Dems reinstate Israel, “God” in platform
    By Political Hotsheet @CBSNewsHotSheet
    After criticism from Mitt Romney and Republicans, the Democratic party platform was readjusted
    CBS News @CBSNews · Unfollow

    3m amy walter ‏@amyewalter
    DNC Chair @dwstweets tells @jonkarl God/Jerusalem platform change. “there was no fight at all. essentially it was a technical correction”
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    1776 @1_776
    @CBSNews @amyewalter @cbsnewshotsheet http://ctamirisa.com/2012/03/26/holy-lands-a-solution-to-the-palestinian-problem/#comment-3216
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    8:06 PM – 5 Sep 12 · Details

    1m Newt Gingrich ‏@newtgingrich
    (Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and primary candidate for Republican nomination for President in 2012)
    If Obama believes Jerusalem is the capital of Israel as claimed today why doesn’t he move embassy to Jerusalem?
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    11s 1776 @1_776
    @newtgingrich “Forward” if he walks the talk, all mental health institutions will be running empty. Good for society.
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    8:58 PM – 5 Sep 12 · Details

    28s Judy Woodruff ‏@JudyWoodruff
    LA Mayor Villaraigosa tells #PBSElection the move to reinsert Jerusalem language back into DNC2012 platform was ordered by #Obama
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  3. 9m Huffington Post ‏@HuffingtonPost
    Netanyahu calls Iran containment policy ‘a new standard for human stupidity’ http://huff.to/RVfEF5
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    35s 1776 @1_776
    @HuffingtonPost @netanyahu 5773: I am with the zionists, Please ask for this you will get it in your neighborhood, http://ctamirisa.com/2012/03/26/holy-lands-a-solution-to-the-palestinian-problem … .
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    8:16 PM – 15 Sep 12 · Details

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