Carnality At Cartagena

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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(Restricted To Readers Over 18. Credit for the video goes to You Tube)

After carnival, the austere separation of flesh from diet, the United States Secret Service is engaging in Mardi Gras. The flesh feast before and after fasting, in a reprise of coming to the Americas at the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Columbia, has not yet seen satiety, but America’s love for its president has been filled.

One of the 11 Secret Service Agents belonging to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), while on the Obama detail, got into a tiff over paying one of the prostitutes, the agents procured, after her overnight stay in a posh hotel as if being asked by the United States Secret Service for sexual services is going to bring her more clients even if America does not pay for getting laid while out of town.

Nothing has yet been reported about drug use though heavy drinking by US security personnel has been alleged.

It is an interesting coincidence that the Summit of the Americas is being held on Orthodox Easter Sunday, aligned with secret society rituals.

(“And God told to his apprentices…I gave you a comand…to pray to the Lord for the mercy, life, peace, health, salvation, the search, the leave and the forgiveness of the sins of God’s children. The ones that pray, they have mercy and they take good care of this holy place.”
Translation of Romanian Orthodox Liturgical Chant Preceding A Masked Sexual Orgy In Stanley Kubrik’s Eyes Wide Shut)

Dominique Strauss Kahn, the former head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), is facing the charge of “aggravated procurement in an organized gang” in France for procuring call girls from Belgium for sexual orgies in Hotel Carlton in Lille, with rumors of similar conduct in Washington, D.C.

It is yet to be clear why the 11 Secret Service agents and 5 military service personnel wanted the services of prostitutes in Cartagena while protecting President Obama, and whose personal misconduct must be alleged – the president’s conduct and/or that of the others in the president’s entourage.

More important is the issue of what the Secret Service knows about misconduct by abuse of power within the United States government, both inside and outside the country, as the Secret Service travels with the president, protects the nation’s currency and provides other ad hoc services as required for presidents – past and present, Heads of the Federal Reserve, and visitors, besides, of course, the institution’s jaunts at the Bohemian Club, north of San Francisco every year.

A recent video of Obama in conversation with Dmitry Medvedev surfaced where he is telling the former Russian president that he will have more flexibility once he is reelected, appearing to seek Russian support for his reelection as American president, even as Medvedev was responding that he is transferring power to Vladimir Putin whose election the Obama administration had opposed.

The footprint of Russian oil and gas interests, competing with the United States after the currency crises of the 1990s, is growing in Latin America and Obama wants the Hispanic vote in 2012.

Secret Service and military personnel behaviors are indicative of the resistance brewing within the American Judeo-Christian right in US government, shadowed by the Bohemian Club, against Obama’s authoritarian leanings in pursuit of his domestic political preservation.

It is possible that Obama’s life could be at risk in the fall on the campaign trail and after, should he be reelected, only to be blamed on Iranian interests in America akin to the Kennedy assassination which was blamed on Cuba, because of Obama’s Iranian belligerence.

Such mass misconduct on the part of professional presidential security detail as in Cartagena is unprecedented in the United States.

The Congress must hold public hearings as soon as Obama returns from Columbia because his autocratic record on civil liberties and lackadaisical management of The White House Secret Service detail since the security embarrassment for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s State Dinner in 2009 could end, quite appropriately, in Obama losing his Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama’s wedding ring needs repair and it can be done out of office after November 6th when he has more flexibility.


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2 Responses to Carnality At Cartagena

  1. Recent CBS reports from The White House (WH) correspondent Nora O’ Donnell about the US Secret Service scandal reveal a few interesting facts:

    1. Jay Carney, The White House Press Secretary, has reported after an internal investigation that no WH staff member is involved .

    2. The female Secret Service colored agent who walked by the George W. Bush limousine has blown the Cartagena whistle on the male Secret Service agents and the military personnel who are now 12 in number to Secretary Panetta’s embarrassment.

    The implications of this are interesting to say the least –

    (A) The black female agent, possibly of Republican leaning and associated with Dr. Condoleeza Rice, former Secretary of State, may have supported Obama in 2008 and so could have the Skull and Bones Republicans, at Dr. Rice’s behest to get Obama elected the first black president of the United States.

    (B) Racism in The White House, both among the Democrats and among the Executive Branch agencies, including Secret Service, its parent agency Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Pentagon, could be sabotaging the presidency from the inside.

    (C) The agent could have blown the whistle to protect any danger to the reputation and the life of the president.

    (D) It is as yet unknown if the dangers persist within the government or if the president himself has been implicated by Secret Societies such as Bohemian Club and Bilderberg.

    Internal investigation anywhere in government, especially for misconduct of this magnitude, is not sufficient accountability given my ongoing experience with the Federal Reserve (Case # 86316-FL Montgomery County Circuit Court, MD) with unambiguously brazen connections to both Bohemian Club and Bilderberg.

    The Attorney General of the United States must appoint a special prosecutor.

  2. Transformations ā€ @c_tamirisa
    @NorahODonnell How widespread is the problem?

    Transformations ā€ @c_tamirisa
    @NorahODonnell That so many demonstrated lack of judgment at the same time is interesting.

    Norah O’Donnell ā€ @NorahODonnell
    USSS Breakdown: 1 retired, 1 proposed for removal, 6 resigned, 3 cleared of wrongdoing, 1 moving for security clearance revocation

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