A Second Term For Barack Hussein Obama

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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I cannot vote for Amendment 19 after Amendment 13 of the American constitution, for a woman to become the first president of the United States after the first colored president. So, I will vote for Barack Hussein Obama.

I had not done so in 2008 after supporting him through the Skull and Bones (Austan Goolsbee and John Kerry since the 2004 convention) orchestrated primary election campaign out of the Department of Economics of University of Chicago because it was clear to me that once he is nominated, Mr. His-Own-Person William Jefferson Clinton’s (kinda like me but not quite, I am far too conservative for Old Man Bill but not the old fashioned social molasses variety) economic entourage will attempt to resuscitate the Clinton “miracle” of the 1990s, an anachronism in the 21st century which is yearning for common principles but decentralized adaptation to those principles to get to one world from one earth.

The Bonesmen-right (Bush 43 and Dick Cheney), in 2008, had accepted the choice of the Bonesmen-left (Austan Goolsbee and John Kerry since the 2004 convention) of a man who is not a Bonesman. Obama had not attended Yale as a undergraduate, but Columbia.

There are about 6 billion colored people in the world. The remaining 1 billion are non-colored (or white and of Europe or of European descent on both sides of parentage).

The future is a reminder of our ancient past (and of the American past): colored and white – does not matter whether the colored or white is man or woman, does not matter whether the 1 billion of Europe have disproportionately more weapons and money and the capacity to enlarge their power and wealth some more in this century, except if there is a genocide of unprecedented proportions to render the planet – of 7 billion people now and about 15 billion by 2100 – “sustainable” in a fit of megalomania.

Social accommodation is the slowest and the most difficult change. Inevitability, however, must be adapted to by the electorate in anticipation, else it could precipitate into a conflict.

As a colored non-partisan man, with no compelling reasons to vote one way or another, I have decided to cast my vote for Barack Hussein Obama, barring the revelation of any integrity issues involving the president himself in the recent White House scandals or pertaining to any violations of civil liberties, in my expectation as a global sustainability entrepreneur, lobbyist and consultant that he will deliver on the following in this order:

Hold the Federal Reserve accountable for joblessness

Reform taxation for fiscal sustainability

Save Afghanistan and Achieve rapprochement with Iran

Recognize Palestine as a nation-state

Re-reform financial regulations

Re-reform Obamacare and other mandatory spending


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