The Obama Kick-Off

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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(President Obama’s football cartoon is courtesy of Slate Magazine)

At the 50-yard line, a modest Harvard man – the incumbent Nobel-winning president – kicked-off his campaign against his opponent whom he had characterized as a Harvard snob to the White House press corps.  For the Superbowl Sunday in January 2013, Monday morning quarterbacking has begun in the usual surrealism of Washington politics where the future comes before the past. President Obama wants to move forward in a straight line, when the world always ran in cycles of sunset and sunrise despite Solyndra, and in change of seasons since Isis and Egypt.

The surpluses as far as the eye can see, the forward-sounding man says, looking backward, were squandered on 2 wars paid with a credit card. The year is 2012 and not 2008, and the man has been president for nearly 4 years, almost one term. If he does not want his time in office to be at most one term, he must explain why he continued to borrow from China to pay Saudi Arabia to keep America afloat through 2013 to keep the Federal government running, when people wanting clean collar jobs since 2008 have lost their shirts, only to play football with skins on when their president cannot walk and chew gum at the same time.

Detroit went bankrupt. Not all of it but only two of the Big Three from George Romney’s Michigan which wanted government bailouts in exchange for strengthening the unions and their support for the president. Ford keeps on innovating the energy efficient cars on its own dime and time, having rejected Whitehouse largesse to keep on driving autos paid for by China and Saudi Arabia. Of course, we should not eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as long as American automobiles run on gas and the coal plants continue to spew plant food because we had stopped thinking about tomorrow on January 21, 1993.

Barack Hussein Obama has not met his sworn obligation to his fellow citizens and to future generations. No wonder we are not lending him our ears.

It is the job of Wall Street to make bets with other people’s money. It is the job of Obama to ensure that the Wall Street reform he enacted into law but has not yet implemented becomes the future that comes before the past. And it is his job to safeguard America’s future before the health care reform he so desperately signed consumes all of the present-day Federal budget by the time his children are ready to run for president after graduating from the elite Sidwell Friends School in Washington, and cared for by the Secret Service and White House staff, akin to Chelsea Clinton before she went off to Stanford and later Oxford, McKinsey and a hedge fund. Yes. No education policy matters more than the love of government for the First Family. And indeed, not every regulation is smart. It ought to be. This is why he must reform his reforms if re-elected.

In America, our only obligation to each other is the rule of law. There are rules on the football field, from Cartagena to the corner office on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The “Change We Believe In” is Equal (social and economic) Justice Under Law. Now, this is thinking forward.


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