Making Merry Monarchs

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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They are installed akin to software with bugs. To add patches of improvement over time. They are caught young, as larvae, incubated and placed on a leaf to see the forest from the trees. They are the world leaders, fed to be transformed to monarchs, on the job.

[Enter Barack Obama’s Executive Secretary]

“Good Morning, Mr President, The National Security Adviser is here to see you.”

“Send him in.”

“The president is ready to see you.” [Exit]

[Enter National Security Adviser – NSA – who presides over National Security Council – NSC -meetings]

“What do you have for me, John [Doe]?”

“Sir, here is the script for your phone call to Yemen. We will wait for you to get a sense for the situation on the ground before you can make a decision on using lethal force on the people on this list the CIA compiled. About 22 of them. All terrorists.”

[CIA, remotely from Yemen, on a secure phone line, open to The New York Times. For readers, the CIA already knows why the president wants to talk to them.]: “Ditto, Mr President. The sooner you can make a decision the better. We are trying to turn Yemen into a role model for the region to consummate the Arab Spring, as you know.”

I know we killed Aulaqui. There are 15 more Americans? Unbelievable. And some children too. Just about adults. Look like 17 year olds. I don’t even know why they are born in this great country any more. I was disappointed in Aulaqui. We have to tighten the NDAA in the coming years to make sure there are no more Aulaquis. It is embarrassing.

The last time we were not looked upon well when we used unmanned-drones in Yemen and Pakistan to save the lives of US military personnel from terrorists – both Americans abroad and foreigners. I want David [Petraeus] to be more careful this time. To his credit though, the CIA did a nice job using the bomber to infiltrate terrorists to avert an attack on American soil.

I don’t want to be in the situation room watching the spectacle this time. I thought we were done with Osama bin Laden.

Let me know when the job is done. I’ll let the White House press office know. Carney can talk to the media. I hear The New York Times is snooping around. They did not endorse me the last time.

[Exit John Doe]

[Enter Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary, a few minutes later.]

Jay, the people on the new list may or may not be captured. They could be killed, including children. Call Krauthammer at The Washington Post and ask him to call me if he is concerned about what is going on. You deal with The New York Times in the press room. We have to keep the country safe. That’s my job. Woodward understands it. I don’t know why Krauthammer doesn’t” (since this article was written Mr Woodward no longer understands it either).

“Yes, Mr President. I want to bring to your attention a blogger who’s making hell about this. The Secret Service is concerned. The last time, before the 2010 midterm, they persuaded his ex-wife to throw him out of his regular government employment at the Federal Reserve and his home because Mr Bernanke was concerned after overhearing him that he could be mentally ill and that he does not like the Fed and America.

He had complained to the FBI, Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland and you for relief from the Fed in 2009 because he thinks he is under surveillance. Then he did not seem to understand why. He has been a naturalized American since 2002. His ex-wife is a dual American-Russian citizen, an economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). They have 2 children, a girl and a boy. The Secret Service separated him from his family and turned him into an Internally Displaced American (IDP).

He keeps sending his articles to you. He has a following. It could cost you in the opinion polls. Eclectic writing. He does some sustainability work. You are considering him for your Global Development Council.”

“Yes. I know who he is. I write back to him sometimes. What is he saying?”

“[Carney] He is asking in a Tweet why are ever more Americans, including children, since 9/11 are turning on their own country only to be killed by US military and intelligence. He wants you to take a vacation to think about it.

If you kill Americans they will kill Americans.

He does not want you to sell drones to Pakistan or Afghanistan as the United States stands down through 2014.

He thinks you can’t see the tree from the leaf, cloistered in The White House, on the leaf in The Oval.”

“[President] He needs to know how the world works. [thinking to himself… I am waiting to be transformed to a monarch when I can see the world from the leaf. I have waited for this all my life. Who doesn’t?] Ask him to go to Harvard.”

“[Carney] He is not as concerned about going to Harvard except perhaps to teach sustainability. In fact, he submitted his candidacy to be president of The World Bank. Senior staffers at the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) think highly of him.

US-India Senate Caucus and Mr Boone Pickens know him well. Secretary Geithner and Speaker Gingrich know him and so does Justice Scalia.

He cares less about why as many Ivy League graduates don’t go to war until General Dr. David Petraeus changed that, but more about why they send more Americans to war to have to absorb all the veterans back into the society and the economy.

You be the president, Mr President, I don’t envy you.”


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