Rio Centro, 2012

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 13, 2012 – Transcendence is a word whose meaning eludes many people. Its metaphysics may be inspirational, and beguiling enough to be aspirational, but its reality is what the world has always been living with.

People exercise their preferences but subordinate, not overcome, their biases and prejudices using procedure to close the gap between physics and metaphysics.

The gap is the ocean between the cup and the lip, and often when procedure itself becomes the casualty of bias and prejudice, the brim becomes the brink of survival because of storms in tea cups to save Much Ado About Nothing.

Rio de Janeiro, 20 years since Chloro Fluoro Carbons (CFCs), is featuring a planet on the brink once again.

In 1992, pale skins were cooked on Copacabana because of their irresponsibility and, hence, to trigger action to save their skins. This time they want to preserve their lifestyles in the wealthy countries.

In 2012, much of the world is not behind the Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon once again because it is not deficient in melanin. UNCSD holds nothing of value to the non-European because their raison d être is to support the European way of life, UNCSD or no UNCSD.

The world has gotten worse, not better, because of American globalization after the end of the British Empire. More people want to live better on ever more scarce and perishable resources, the American and European way.

Davos, where the United Nations Secretary-General raised his question, instead of at the General Assembly, about the capacity of the planet to support 7 billion people, wants the world to be behind Davos and Ban Ki-Moon has become its mouthpiece.

“Commons” being ballyhooed on LinkedIn and online on Rio Dialogues is Global Development Commons of US State Department, another government voice of Davos being lobbied in by private citizen Bill Clinton with unusual access to Hillary Clinton’s State Department and Obama’s White House.

The mechanics of the corruption, as Newtonian as England and as Germanic as the printing press, because of Bill Clinton and Klaus Schwab who founded Davos, is as follows:

1. No Davos corporation is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) of the UN, the formal UN channel to engage with non-UN organizations for lobbying the UN. Yet Davos becomes the forum for the Ban Ki-Moon speech and not the UN General Assembly.

2. UN NGO accreditors neither know that NGOs are not required to be approved by their countries to be listed by the UN nor do their program experts understand what the conference is about: without the policy dialog there is no UNCSD for the world leaders to chew on at its climax.

3. Davos places graduates of top 10 world academic institutions, all privately owned, in governments, corporations and multilateral institutions forming a closed clique.

4. UN ceases to be the forum for government-NGO engagement. Davos, the shadow run by Bilderberg/Bohemian Club, pre-sets the agenda to be thrust upon the rest of the world at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) NGO pow-wows.

5. Davos/UN Objective: G5 (EU) leadership of the world by European Civilization by leading the next industrial revolution. Not global sustainability.

How can the world be behind UN if the UN is not serving the interests of the world?

The Elders in London, Kofi Annan among them, do not think UNCSD can work either, with Davos at its center.

Chinese, who would be better off being sustainable in the coming 40 years, also see corruption after the recent J P Morgan debacle which proved for a second time (the first example being the Federal Reserve picking winners on Wall Street after the 2007 financial crisis) that the Federal Reserve is an instrument of Wall Street instead of doing its job as a regulator.

It will be a miracle if the city of Rio de Janeiro can be sustainable let alone the rest of the world which is trying to be American and European.

This is my first time in this city. I spent 6 hours out of 8 in a working day riding a UN shuttle bus from one end of town in traffic to another, to Rio Centro from Centro in a country whose energy sustainability policies of using biofuels and natural gas for vehicles are obsolete.

The Secretary General has made a big mistake speaking at Davos. I want every Davos corporation to become a UN NGO and register as lobbyists in every country of the world to influence governments for the purposes of transparency to influence UN and national policies through proper government channels to trace money flows between businesses and governments and the quid pro quo favors returned.

Race, ethnicity and religion are about being human and cannot be overcome by either law or procedure.

Transcendence is recognizing and overcoming, similar to a drug addict, addiction to the self-destructive American and European way of life or the barren Amazonian and African midriff along and around the equator awaits, from Rio to Congo and Papua New Guinea, feeding American and European mouths and habits.

The world needs a new forum.

My firm Common Era can lobby both the UN system and world governments for sustainability.


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