What About Iran?

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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The Obama White House these days is, literally, Judeo-Christian.

The inclusive unitarian Christian black and white president – akin to Bill Clinton, the Democrat before him – is befriending his Jewish colleagues, and celebrating with great interest every Jewish festival behind the tall black iron fence of the First compound which separates the people from their house.

Toni Morrison, the Nobel literature laureate, had called William Jefferson Clinton the “first black president” because when blacks could not be elected to the White House it is an age-old American sociopathic delusion and poetic justice to elect a big-hearted white, a la Lyndon Baines Johnson, whom blacks like. Barack Obama is the bridge figure, both black and white, for this psychological disorder to be cured before somebody similar to the president’s children – more black than white, and women – can be elected to the Oval.

Radio talk shows, the rookie rooks of populist American politics discussing the public intellectualism from these pages, do not want to get rid of Eric Holder and Ben Bernanke but, as I have argued for sometime, want more reform of the Obama reforms. They must know that replacing people who serve at the will of the president – the pawns and the knights – is the first step before repeals and replacements of the yet to be fully implemented Obama reforms can happen if the King and the Queen are to survive in the service of national interest when the other side of the political chess board has little to offer but mere negation of that which has already taken place with tax payer funds being especially scarce in the coming 4 years.

In politics, in America, Jews are kept closer than friends. They are the bankers to the white protestant politicians and potential enemy of any state that sees itself as Christian.

Holder’s Justice and his Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Department of Homeland Security (including United States Secret Service), rooting themselves locally into communities, have the de facto, albeit unlawful, mission of keeping the state stable by stasis, to maintain the “character” of the society as demographic anxiety besieges America, foreshadowing the country’s future from California, Texas, Florida, Washington and New York City into the heartland.

Bernanke, European and Jewish, controls the “purse strings” at the behest of the United States Congress, the most racist among all of US government institutions, to reallocate wealth, the enabler of minority white control of America by 2050. US Department of State calls this the new etatism – the implicit foreign policy of United States and European Union notwithstanding the rhetoric about 1776 before the country turns 236 years old tomorrow.

The viability of America was a serious concern of Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger when they had cut their losses in Vietnam and bore the first oil shock in 1973. 40 years after Project Independence was launched by Nixon, the second oil shock is being imported from the Straits of Hormuz.

The stain of anti-semitism after World War II is not honorable for any country – United States, and the Europeans in particular. Keeping the Jews at home closer dons the added garb of becoming a convenient alibi as the Islamic Republic of Iran is provoked into a confrontation with Israel in the Near East Iran is most certain to win ensuring Obama his Arab Spring by way of Persia and forcing Israel into keeping peace with Palestine and its Muslim neighbors in the region.

America does not need Middle Eastern oil. Finally.


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