Obama v. Romney, Playing At A Theater Near You Until November 06, 2012

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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America does not like its president for many reasons, yet Barack Obama could be reelected on November 06, 2012.

We, as Americans, have given the presidency in 2008 to a man we still do not know well enough but for the fact that statistically there are more partisan Democrats than partisan Republicans among registered voters. The mistake is the people’s because we are getting back for our votes only that which is un-American.

First, he killed Osama bin Laden, destroying a Frankenstein – enemies America has become habituated to creating since the former Soviet Union was left in place after Harry Truman’s pact with Stalin toward the end of World War II.

We can only hope that Obama means his actions by not creating any more enemies by the way of the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as a means for ensuring the political-economic relevance of the United States.

Second, the president has the United States out of Iraq and appears to be winding down Afghanistan responsibly by 2014, ushered in a new regime in Egypt and ended Libya for human rights violations by Gadaffi, if only he could have done all of these without violating civil liberties at home especially at a time when the country is on edge because of the economic downturn which has created more American poor preceded only by Lyndon Baines Johnson’s (LBJ) term in office in the 1960s.

Third, in reaching out to Muslims after 9/11 since his Cairo speech to the multitude of the unemployed young and restless in Egypt in 2009, there is much remaining to be desired for the blossoms of spring to fully flower in the deserts of Arabia because of Syria and Iran after the youth had congregated in Tahrir Square wielding Twitter to overthrow the now dying Hosni Mubarak who was exiled by America from his own country.

The president has included the Muslim Brotherhood without meddling as much as the United States had done in Palestine after Hamas was elected. It is now time to include Iran and end the Syrian regime if he is serious about delivering the goods on his Nobel Peace Prize.

Fourth, he reformed healthcare, providing universal access to all Americans by about 2014. Little does he realize that the price of principle must be borne by the private sector, and not the government.

Fifth, the now retired Connecticut senator Christopher Dodd (his state is the Mecca of hedge funds located in Greenwich) and the newly wedded homosexual Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank, 72 – after the Department of Defense cleared what has otherwise been a life in sodomy as it had been for the president’s parents in miscegenation – spearheaded the Dodd-Frank Law, also to be fully implemented by 2014, waiting to test the resiliency of the new law in the face of a crisis the Federal Reserve is asking for because of its obstinately hands-off money supply policies, notwithstanding the Federal Reserve Act which has permitted more intrusion by the central bank (and not the Treasury) since its Depression-era evolution between 1933-1951, even as it has been crying wolf (?) about the second coming of the Great Depression since 2006, 6 years and counting but waiting for full spontaneous recovery only by 2019.

Sixth, women are being included, the ‘equal pay for equal work’ cause of Lilly Ledbetter being championed by Michelle Obama, former president Bill Clinton and his Secretary of State spouse Hillary Clinton, and the living first ladies club, of course, not to forget the seancing that goes on with Eleanor Roosevelt who was instrumental in founding the United Nations.

Michelle Obama cares for the future in this country of her two young black daughters attending the swanky Sidwell Friends School in Northwest Washington, D.C (she went to Princeton and Harvard and interned a dreamy and skinny young Harvard Law School student with a funny African name in Chicago before they had married but now grows vegetables in the president’s backyard and arranges cooking potlucks for children).

If only women under-40 stay home keeping with the culture of America since Martha Washington and Abigail Adams, unemployment will return to 2007 levels tomorrow at a cost of $250 billion for the government instead of the $16 trillion expended by the Fed since 2007 to no avail.

After all, growing vegetables in backyards and raising children healthy in mind and body may not be a bad idea for young American women.

The campaign of Mitt Romney, Obama’s Republican opponent, has an uphill task against this president with an unfinished record in office. Obama does not show his hand until the next move coalesces by voluntary public debate (except on health care) to the door step of the Oval.

The former Massachusetts governor appears to be a tired man, running again for his party’s nomination to compete once again against a sitting and prematurely highly decorated first black president.

Romney is besieged by internal squabbles in his campaign 4 months before the election  – a routine affair now among Republicans resembling the 2008 McCain campaign – even though he has the support of the Republican establishment.

Romney, who had passed universal health care in Massachusetts as governor, has been fully coopted by the incumbent president on health care, especially after the recent health care law was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States, may not have much elbow room in the health care debate if the president gradually changes his position before the election on further government reforms to lower health care costs – the raison d’être of health care reform.

That the price of health care is taxing the federal budget and, hence, American pocketbooks, is an objection Chief Justice John Roberts raised in his judgment to uphold the law for the constitutionality of the individual mandate.

The Obama administration has done at least some work in the correct direction, provided it is open to critique to make its accomplishments thus far responsive to constructive dissent if the United States is to remain relevant after 2016.


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One Response to Obama v. Romney, Playing At A Theater Near You Until November 06, 2012

  1. Norah O’Donnell ‏@NorahODonnell
    Obama: “I will work with anybody to improve the health care law, but it is here to stay.”

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