Property Rights? Sir Francis Drake, Piracy, Skull And Bones, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Ultra, MK Ultra And United States of America

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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(Sir Francis Drake, The Buccaneer, 1545-1596)

Knight Commanders of the British Empire (KBE), typically prefixed by the word of distinction “Sir” have all begun as “boot makers” to kings, groomed to be eventually knighted in their benightedness once they become used to bearing that prefix as a matter of their “normal” social class.

America has begun likewise believes the covert Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), infested akin to termites by the delusional members of the Skull and Bones Society of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, tracing America’s history to the commoner Francis Drake – the pirate who was secretly funded by Queen Elizabeth I to take a voyage around the world with the purpose of defeating Spain on the high seas to steal its Colombian riches after 1492 in the English pursuit of power and wealth wearing the mask of the European war between Anglicanism and Catholicism.

Immature and usually privileged undergraduates, boasting among their most prominent the Bush family – which had literally stolen Apache skull and bones for the offices of the fraternity at Yale in a message about how the United States came into being. To them the fraternity’s secret has been passed on inter-generationally as a legacy since the 19th century, deserving all along the unceremonious expulsion of Skull and Bones members from one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world for surreptitiously aspiring to play God in their ambition to shape the world.

George Walker Bush’s heritage may indeed be English and the British Queen his “mother” by lineage and by national legacy but that is not so for the United States.

Those who are American since 1789, both intergenerationally and as new immigrants, two hundred years after Drake, all naturalized into the new republic, are not constituted by a system of social class and are, therefore, not obligated to make the king’s boots lest the self-anointed “American kings” see themselves, in abysmal lack of self-respect and dignity, “shining the shoes” of the intergenerational English monarchs.

In its pursuit of preserving English America but not knowing how besides implicitly becoming beholden to the Anglican English monarchy, after September 11, 2001 the baby is being thrown out with the bathwater by a resurgent CIA bearing the secret of Skull and Bones: that piracy, in disrespect of all property rights – real and intellectual – is the path to power and wealth.

China and Russia have learned well from the CIA. We should hope that the CIA learns well from July 4, 1776, divesting itself of its tendentiousness to control American minds by Anthros (a k a Mein Kultur is Mind Kontrol Ultra or mind control by radio signal engineering) after the Ultra (Enigma cipher breaking) of World War II – a technology among many stolen from the Germans – to protect and preserve the feudal English American mother from the fascist German fatherland.

William Joseph Donovan of George Washington’s United States Department of the Army had liked democracy and the United States founded on real and intellectual property rights more than he did the Jesus Christ of the feudal United Kingdom of Yale’s frat boys.

Skull and Bones, United States of America is a self-governing money-less zero growth rate economic commune akin to the city state of Socratic Athens and the Massachusetts Bay Colony, not the management of the dollar bill in a Platonic republic. Its ideal structure is a federation of small, primarily agricultural, city states, similar to how it had begun, their physical architecture and design an innovation beyond Masdar City, United Arab Emirates but including many of its concepts.

Mind control of America and the world is not necessary.

This is the open secret.


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