The Mechanics Of Traveling Ultra-Long Distances In Space

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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@medvedevRussiaE @mcfaul My self-nomination for the Yuri Milner Prize 2013 in Fundamental Physics – Cosmology,


This paper is copyrighted to me and my corporations Transformations, LLC and Common Era, LLC for the purpose of my X-Prize submission.

The purpose of this article is to respond to Stephen W Hawking’s lecture on the danger of extinction and the need for exploring outer space with an added urgency.


The Mechanics Of Travel By Worm Holes


“…The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: The indestructible, transcendental living entity is called Brahman… It – the Universe – has always been and will be”

The Bhagavad Gita, circa 776 B.C.E

1. The above diagram implies gravity-assist of a spacecraft in the space between the event horizons of neighboring blackholes or at the curvature of event horizon of one blackhole.

2. Gravity assist models are currently in use in all space agencies of the world and employ basic Newtonian mechanics for computations of trajectories since the Apollo program. Helpful to understand gravity assist in the Newtonian domain (approximately, for example, up to one-half light speed for a spacecraft seeking gravity assist at an event horizon) can be the curvature of light in Einsteinian relativistic space-time as proven by Sir Arthur Eddington in 1919. It is unclear still if light speed is affected around event horizons though, on average, the calculations appear to be holding for the constant of 186,000 miles/s – light and the electromagnetic spectrum of which it is a part being the principal determinant of time in space-time.

3. I describe the mathematical structure of space-time in my paper Mathematical Representation of Space-Time. Event horizon, therefore, as I define here, is the boundary between time and timelessness, between pure space as constituted only by matter in a blackhole and the fabric of space-time around it (Also, see Stephen W Hawking, A Brief History of Time for some background on the technical meaning of the concept of “event” in Einsteinian space-time). Further, the concept of dilation in general relativity of the three physical dimensions, mass (M), length (L) and time (T) at relativistic speeds, proves mathematically the reality of timelessness, consistent with event horizons and blackholes.

4. I also conjecture here that the Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy invalidates the Hawking-Penrose postulate of the collapse of the universe. Entropy of the universe is a concept limited to an expanding universe and its end in dark matter and dark energy is, in fact, the default structure of the Universe within which multiverses, of which our universe, only one among many, exists. Entropy has no meaning in the Universe (I have posted a discussion on Linkedin in the International Astronautical Federation group titled “Multiverses occur because of perturbations in the larger Universe. Our universe is one such perturbation.”)

5. The structure of the Universe is an infinite sphere of dark energy. Each perturbation is a violent quake and eruption similar to solar eruptions, because of the properties of dark energy we do not yet fully understand, producing multiverses, each such universe is a massive void with various dispersed forms of matter – plasma or hot ionized gases, gases, liquids and solids – producing space-time or characterized by space-time. Eventually, the explosion settles back into the larger Universe. Fractals are a useful conceptual and mathematical tool to understand the dynamics of the structure of the universe. Time is absent in the Universe as a default characteristic.

6. In my view, the universe has only 3 dimensions (multiple folded dimensions has no credence) and time is an imaginary dimension upon the creation of Maxwellian-Einsteiniain space-time.


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8 Responses to The Mechanics Of Traveling Ultra-Long Distances In Space

  1. 15m Izabella Kaminska ‏@izakaminska
    [FT Alphaville reporter interested in all things energy, central banky, market structurey and science fictiony. Now in Geneva. Geneva, Switzerland]
    Due to Diamandis, I’ve now moved on 2 thinking about how entropy applies to economics/mkts. Why increased fragmentation may b inevitable
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    6m 1776 @1_776
    @izakaminska Increasing disorder -> order => work+.
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    5m 1776 @1_776
    @izakaminska Physical entropy, however, is constant in our universe, and hence human systems => given entropy, social system design matters.
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    4m 1776 @1_776
    @izakaminska Social system design => [need for greater] work efficiency.
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    3m 1776 @1_776
    @izakaminska Hence @c_tamirisa.
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    2m 1776 @1_776
    @izakaminska Hence, … 
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    44s 1776 @1_776
    @izakaminska Coda: entropy of our universe is increasing. Overall entropy of the Universe is constant. Law of conservation of mass/energy.
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    7s 1776 @1_776
    @izakaminska BTW, what I just said is new to physics. I published it on  and announced [it] to the world upon publication.
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  2. The alignment of heavenly bodies (example, Maya, December 21, 2012 – See the film 2012: Science or Superstition? for a full discussion) could produce serial gravity-assist, well known to the world space community, as shown by Stanley Kubrik and Arthur Clarke in Space Odyssey 2001. In the above paper, I am asking and answering a different question on the frontier of cosmology, cosmogeny and physics.

  3. 11m Belle Amie ‏@Divague_
    Paradoxal : La chatte.
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    1m 1776 @1_776
    @Divague_ Epim[e]nides, la chatte?

    2m 1776 @1_776
    @Divague_ Physique: Dans le passé, n’est pas né; maintenant vivant; dans la mort future. [intemporel] [Le temps psychologique peut être expliquée par chat de Schrodinger aussi]

    8m 1776 @1_776
    @Divague_ [Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger] métaphore
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  4. 44m NPR News ‏@nprnews
    Using NASA’s Infrared Telescope, Scientists Uncover Millions Of Black Holes
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  5. I present a breakthrough. In the history of physics/cosmology, I believe I have defined gravity accurately. Gravity is a weak quantum force, instantaneous in action over ultra-long distances. Gravity is quantum weirdness/action-at-a-distance and reveals the timeless nature of the Universe as I present above. Gravity is not an electromagnetic force and, hence, is unconstrained by the speed of light, constant c, as we know it.

    If I were to write a poem about the mind of God, I would say whither graviton? Wouldn’t the earth float away?

    [Frisbees, wobbles, strippers, Nobel, [Los Alamos]. What do you care what other people think? Simplicity is the breakdown of complexity. QED.
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    2:40 PM – 1 Sep 12 · Details

    2h 1776 @1_776
    @saraeisenFX Here it is again, on the question of gravity. … One reference for the math: Richard Feynman. The rest is mine.]

  6. 6h The Economist ‏@TheEconomist
    To the relief of physicists, time really does have a preferred direction
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    @TheEconomist Time indeed has direction, in the entropic universe, until it ceases to exist at the end of the entropic universe.
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    3:11 AM – 5 Sep 12 · Details

    13m 1776 @1_776
    @TheEconomist Time ends in dark matter when the degree of order, not disorder as now understood, of the universe, in fact, increases.
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    9:16 AM – 5 Sep 12 · Details

  7. 18m Ron Howard ‏@RealRonHoward
    I found this interesting and cool – share of you agree
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    @RealRonHoward Or is it 2066 according to Sir Isaac if we don’t change our ways. What did Isaac say?
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    12:37 PM – 8 Sep 12 · Details

    8m 1776 @1_776
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    12:39 PM – 8 Sep 12 · Details

    1m 1776 @1_776
    @RealRonHoward Ron Howard: Exploration is always to augment resources of, for, and by earth. Not for settlement.
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    12:46 PM – 8 Sep 12 · Details

    1m 1776 @1_776
    @RealRonHoward Species cannot be saved by leaving earth. Knowledge, perhaps.
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    12:47 PM – 8 Sep 12 · Details

    @RealRonHoward We will know what we will know by 2050 technologically to validate the mysticism of the ancients. The science is known.
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    12:36 PM – 8 Sep 12 · Details

    10m 1776 @1_776
    @RealRonHoward At this point survival is in contentment. We have 38 years, scientifically speaking.
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    12:37 PM – 8 Sep 12 · Details

    6s 1776 ‏@1_776
    @RealRonHoward The future is in regenerative fuel cells: water. Us and earth are made up of it about 75%. Let’s make a movie.
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    12:53 PM – 8 Sep 12 · Details

    7m 1776 @1_776
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    12:40 PM – 8 Sep 12 · Details

  8. 17m The SETI Institute ‏@SETIInstitute
    Pondering the possibilities of interstellar travel…
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    11m 1776 @1_776
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    4:21 PM – 13 Sep 12 · Details

    13s 1776 @1_776
    @SETIInstitute Under consideration for Nobel in Physics,, please participate in Linkedin Theoretical Physics Group.
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    4:34 PM – 13 Sep 12 · Details

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