James Eagan Holmes, 24

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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(Source: NBC News on Twitter, From the Arapahoe County, CO Sheriff’s Office/KUSA)

Mr. Holmes had been a shy, awkward boy who once seemed bound for big things. He was a science student from Southern California who won scholarships and internships, graduated “at the top of the top” from the University of California, Riverside, and moved to Colorado last year to take the next step: a doctoral program in neuroscience.

Mr. Holmes had an appointment at the university under a one-year Neuroscience Training Grant from the National Institutes of Health, a spokeswoman for the university said. The federal grant pays for six pre-thesis doctoral students in the university’s neuroscience program at the Anschutz Medical Campus. Such grants are usually quite difficult to obtain, going to only the top students.

But Mr. Holmes struggled through his first academic year at the University of Colorado, Denver, and had dropped out by this spring.

Mr. Holmes’s background was science. Before dropping out he took a class that explored the biological origins of psychiatric and neurological disorders, and was scheduled to give a presentation on “MicroRNA Biomarkers,” according to a class schedule published online. The topic appears to demonstrate an interest in the genetic basis of mental illness.

When the police arrived after apprehending Mr. Holmes outside the theaters where the shootings had occurred, they found an apartment full of explosives and shells. The array had been designed “to kill whoever entered it,” Chief Oates said.

The New York Times, July 21, 2012 (excerpt edited by the author for greater clarity)

The above seminal reporting by The New York Times of the shootings in a movie theater on July 20, 2012 – the day of moon landing of the Apollo 11 lunar capsule at 20:18 UTC (GMT) or 13:18 Mountain Time (US) – about how and possibly why an extraordinarily bright 24-year old possibly interested in the genetic-bases of psychiatric illness for a PHD, the future of medicine and drugs, snapped to go on a shooting rampage in a movie theater about 11 hours after humans had first stepped on the moon on the same day 43 years earlier.

It is unusual for highly sought after graduate students, especially the gifted as Mr Holmes is, to drop out of PHD programs upon an intensive oral examination at the end of his first year in the program. The expectation of such rigor is normal and not out of the ordinary.

In preparation for his shooting spree, according to the local police reports, Mr Holmes had also cordoned-off with explosives his apartment – in Aurora, Colorado, in the general vicinity of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) in Cheyenne Mountain which coordinates US universal time (UTC minus 4 or 5 to 9 or 10 to Hawai’i) – from outsiders. He may have valued his privacy or was trying to protect himself from unwelcome intruders attempting to gain access to his intellectual property when he was not in his apartment, perhaps having experienced some break-ins after he moved to Colorado from California to his new county and neighborhood. David Baltimore of California Institute of Technology had won his Nobel in Physiology or Medicine at 36.

Anschutz Medical Campus faculty, after Mr Holmes’ intensive year-end examination led to him dropping out of the program, did not obviously let him make the scheduled presentation on “MicroRNA Biomarkers.” It is unclear who in the faculty and fellow students is in the know of his ideas he was scheduled to present.

Ideas and work of scientists in government and corporations, in fact, belongs to the scientists even though the intellectual property could be owned, in full or in part, by universities, government and corporations – a fact few in academia and government, including at the highest levels, understand.

Today’s America, after 1993, is not the same as what it used to be during the age of the tycoons from Cornelius Vanderbilt to John D Rockefeller Sr, Bell and his partner’s American Telephone and Telegraph Corporation, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison or for that matter Tom Watson Sr of IBM, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Steve Jobs of Apple, and Larry Ellison of Oracle who had begun with nothing more than a vision and an idea.

These days Wall Street money controls ideas, not ideas money. After all, we live in a world where the wealthy hold in cash and kind, in offshore accounts, about $32 trillion, or one-half the size of the global economy, as their personal assets.

In this epoch of post-modern feudalism, ideas which do not belong to the ideators are spoofed, stolen even when shared in good faith, and circulated in the public and private sectors for cronies of the wealthy and those in government to benefit.

Unclear, therefore, is the politics of the young Mr Holmes’ engagement with the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus faculty where he was a student on a federal scholarship or if he was highly protective of his ideas in a world at the nexus of military psychological operations (psyops), medical academia and commercial medicine.

At the core of US military’s plausible deniability of psyops is triggering potential centers of the brain which cause mental illness with drugs and/or using information and communications technologies (ICTs) for the United States government to be able deny and abdicate all legal and constitutional responsibility for black, gray or white operations by blaming both the willing and unwilling participants’ mental health condition.

American psychological and psychiatric associations, including forensic psychiatrists, usually play along with the US government and work to calm down (at best and at worse, mentally incapacitate with psychiatric drugs to break the will or kill) the participants and the unwilling victims of government manipulation. An example is the suicide of Frank Olson, subject to LSD experimentation by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for which former president Bill Clinton had apologized. This program has evolved since 1953 into Anthros.

Often, as if in mind-to-mind communication which the US government used to call technical telepathy and now Anthros, besides clothing body language with speech, your thinking is preempted by others before you can vocalize your thoughts in explicit communication. You feel as though, in far too many coincidences to be coincidental, people know your thinking before you communicated it. People need to learn to think for themselves to add value.

Anthros technically works to secure hierarchical privileges or the pecking orders – political, economic, social, and bureaucratic – by controlling behavior in the demographically heterogeneous American society, playing the role culture performs in homogeneous societies. It is likely this may have caused serious problems for Mr Holmes in Colorado in his first year. Not unsurprising, therefore, that Mr Holmes, even though he was an attractive and intelligent young man, could not find a female friend to be involved in a sexual relationship with.

Mr Holmes’ shooting rampage appears to be a consequence of serious systemic US government misconduct since 9/11 and it must be investigated, no stone unturned and no matter where the chips may fall, for gross violation of civil liberties which appears to have led to his mental breakdown and the mass murder of innocents in his neighborhood.

Government abuse of its own citizens ought not to be forgotten by the abused for the purported and politically rhetorical benefit of the society-at-large as the West Point– gang raped General’s Daughter was asked to forget because of her own father, in a society suffering from what I call the Christ Syndrome, between the bewitching hours of 3 and 4 in the morning – the time when The Christ was arrested by the Romans for trial and later execution.

Mr Holmes had given death to the viewers of The Dark Knight Rises, “dark knight” being the Third Horseman of The Revelation to John riding a black horse to dispense justice in this third millennium since The Christ. He seems to have played the Fourth Horseman prematurely by 1000 years, the rider of the pale green horse signaling the power of death and destruction over western civilization – United States, Canada, and Europe – or exactly about one-quarter of the earth in population and geographic size upto the Ural mountain range – to perhaps bring millennial peace to earth, though he may be wrong in his interpretation had he thought as such, for like injustice reigns everywhere on earth.

James Eagan Holmes, because he may have been set up to fail by the Anschutz Medical Campus faculty, must plead not guilty by reason of temporary insanity and be committed to long term psychiatric counseling.

Where are the few good men? Eh tu my government!


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