United States of America: Anthros. Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Sunday, August 05, 2012

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Associated Press newswire have confirmed that the now dead culprit in the Sikh temple shooting in Oak Creek, Wisconsin – which comes on the heels of another shooting in Aurora, Colorado, is Wade Michael Page, a white supremacist formerly of the United States military’s psyops or the psychological operations program of the US Army.

Mr Page was involved in the US Army’s study of foreign populations through psyops. This program is known as Anthros and is a part of the US military’s human intelligence (HUMINT using SIGINT) or behavioral mapping by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) of the Pentagon which has been charged, since the days of the Bush administration after 9/11, with the task of containing domestic terrorism.

It has been my contention all along in these pages, given my own experience since 2003 at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System as a foreign-born regular US citizen employee of the United States government, that Anthros – a part of the US military’s full spectrum operations – is counterproductive, leads to unintended consequences, and does not belong in the global arsenal to counter terrorism, and that psyops or mind control to purportedly maintain domestic social order (not the same as the words “insuring domestic tranquility” found in the Preamble of the US Constitution) belongs together with weapons of mass destruction programs such as nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, deserving to be completely banned, worldwide.

Anthros is a virtual prison sentence because it imposes “social controls” on those perceived as foreign to the United States, independent of their legal status, by manipulating their health (physical, mental and sexual) and financial matters until social compliance is achieved regardless of the law.

The non-compliant because of their faith, race or ethnicity, may not be treated well by mental and physical health practitioners, abused in courts and by government procedures by denying due process despite evidence, denied private legal representation and even when such paid representation happens – the attorney does not put in the best effort to bring justice for the client.

The subject can be guinea-pigged using experimental drugs, and their income curtailed until they are broken in mind and body to become a part of the society the Pentagon wants, including by using loved ones and family against the subjects.

To subject me to Anthros, for example, the Federal Reserve misrepresented my US nationality in Office of Personnel Management (OPM) records from 09/24/2002 to 2009 as an Indian national until my biometric federal identification card was issued and until only after I had pointed out that misrepresentation to security officials.

Ultimately, I was sent to mental health institution for behavioral problems to create a mental health record I did not have citing evidence which was irrelevant in a false domestic violence case brought about by coercing my former spouse using the United States Secret Service and pressured to take optional medication I did not need if I am to see my children again. The summary judgment of the case (86316-FL, Montgomery County, Rockville, MD) brazenly, fully cognizant of civil liberties violations, mentions Ben Bernanke and Barack Obama as the reason for the judgment.

I have filed SF-95 civil personal injury monetary compensation claims against the Federal Reserve, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), The White House, and the FBI after seeking redressal of my grievance under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution from US Congressman Chris Van Hollen of Maryland District 8 and my senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland – a haven US state for white supremacists with whom I had gotten along well while I led Maryland for the Pickens Plan, a grassroots energy policy movement, from 2008 to 2011 – and from President Obama for my treatment by the Federal Reserve, a federal agency, for relief under law.

Both the United States Senate and The White House are awaiting full cooperation from the Federal Reserve in my matter.

The threshold of tolerance in the face of attack in war is higher for Hindus, Jews and Christians, however, it does not imply moral superiority. Sikhs and Muslims are passionately loyal people who die for patriotism and for their faiths.

Violating other faiths since 9/11 in their own places of worship, especially the militant faiths such as Islam in Saudi Arabia since Gulf War I which created Osama bin Laden and Sikhism since India’s late modern-secular prime minister Indira Gandhi, whose children are both Hindu Brahmin and Muslim, had made the mistake of marching into Amritsar’s Golden Temple with the Indian Army against Indian Sikh militancy she was responsible for creating in Punjab and unsuspectingly paid with her life at the hands of her own Sikh security guard (Sikhs are among the most patriotic Indians).

As an Indian-American Hindu Brahmin I urge all my fellow Americans to engage more, not less, to shape the future of counterterrorism through global sustainability, not behavioral control.


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