Is He Mr Obama?

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is coming out. No. The agency is not gay. It is revealing what it has been doing all along. It will be now in your face. As in the United Kingdom. The whole country is now one sprawling mall. Not the National Mall, the gathering place. But the mall where you can be caught shop lifting.

The “sliver”y apartment complexes of New York, “voyeurs only” for property managers please – where renters sign-off their Amendment 4 right for the hole in the wall in Manhattan, the “blind” electronic spoofers at the Pentagon who draw a picture of the elephant to ascertain if you are you on the other end of a computer, Gattaca denizens reliving their world in the court room of O J Simpson where DNA is no longer proof that you are you – never mind fingerprints or the alibi of the glove that did not fit, and the public relations and cosmetically altered people who want to be who they are not even if they have to switch faces – all constitute our republic where identity itself is a matter of choice.

We are all actors on a stage, life constructed as the silver screen in a theme park called United States of America.

Our identity is a record in a database as monopolized as our money by a totally aware government, as human as we are in its likes and dislikes, is as unreliable an association with us as the due process of justice bartered for money and government’s sense of order by social preference and social choice of the dominant interest group, whatever the law.

Is he Mr Obama?


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  1. Good Morning America ‏@GMA
    OJ Simpson Trial: Did Defense Tamper With Evidence?
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    17s 1776 @1_776
    @GMA Is He Mr Obama,
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  2. 1m David Leonhardt ‏@DLeonhardt
    The power of databases. MT @joshgreenman:
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    now 1776 @1_776
    @DLeonhardt @joshgreenman Is He Mr Obama?
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    8:54 PM – 13 Sep 12 · Details

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