The Trial And The Crucifixion Of The Christ. The Passion Of The Christ By Mel Gibson, A Review

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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Of earth we are, and of earth we shall remain has been the wisdom of all of civilization since Adam, the first man and the resurrected Christ, as depicted by Mel Gibson in his original film Passion of the Christ, when his mother Mary, the first woman eve, clasps the earth in her palms witnessing the death of her son born of her flesh, Magdalene the whore Lilith saved by her son at her side.

That change, cyclical and natural to all of creation, begets the persecution of the change agent has been the mistaken leitmotif of western civilization since The Apology by Plato. That it does not have to be so has been the crux of Hinduism.

The deliverance awaited by the Abrahamics and pined for by the people looking to the personalities of the heroes is in the salvation of deriving nourishment from earth and in returning back to it as Ecce Homo, Adam, Adhama, of earthLeonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.

Been born of Mary’s flesh, he prophecies at the Last Supper, a metaphor for his body and blood sacrificed voluntarily by him for consumption by his survivors, that war is cannibalism in the quest for survival – food, also of earth, in anticipation of a new era after his resurrection as a reminder and return to the beginnings.

That such a utopia, heaven, can, in fact, be earth – need not necessarily imply geocentricity and not the heliocentrism of Nicolas Copernicus – albeit indeed being wise, justifying the abjuration imposed on Galileo Galilei, born in the year of the death of Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni of the Nine (non-gnostic) Scenes of Creation and the rightful heir to Vatican’s Renaissance Masters, by the Vatican of Pope Urban VIII.

The possible culmination of Abrahamism – beginning in the pre-Socratic Pythagorean period around the time of the Babylonian Exile of the Hebrew people after the first destruction of Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem – in the poisoning of Socrates by the Platonic aristocrats of Athens betrays the rising skepticism in the societies of Middle East and Europe – changing from the pre-Abrahamic, Egyptian and Canaanite pagan orders of Gods and Heroes to that of the abstraction of the one God of Socrates: wisdom – in the capacity of a human being to deliver humanity from suffering. Socrates may have been the sacrificial lamb for Plato, the protagonist in his dialogues of philosophical rationalism, devising the ideal society, The Republic, for happiness.

That the man who would bear the cross, after his arrest at about 3 in the morning, had done nothing wrong was wise of Pontius Pilate and his wife Claudia, but that he carried the cross was the realpolitik of Roman jurisprudence which had left the decision of his disposition – after Pilate’s testing of Galili’s Jesus of Nazareth by corrupt Herod for his rectitude for which reason he had come to Jerusalem – by edict of the Roman Republic to his own people – the Jews of Judea and Galili, Temple of Solomon and San Hadren, before the 613 rabbinical laws were written after, as he had also prophesied, the second destruction of the temple (by the Romans who would be leaving) – who had judged to kill his innocence in pursuit of knowledge in their exile from the earth, Eden, where they were created, to a desolation of suffering.

Rig Veda – knowledge, the tree – is God, guarded by God in plain sight, and knowing is the Original Sin unless it is understood as our shadow.

Carrying the cross of the Original Sin which only he could to will both his suffering and end at a time of his choosing, the truth that love, but not knowing, of the self and the other as one would of the self, having been endowed by his creator the capacity to survive without knowledge in innocence, is the enlightenment of The Christ as it also had been the enlightenment of Plato to know that the shadow in the cave was of the man chained, to earth, as also are the shadows outside the cave, for without light there can be no shadows.

At Golgotha, The Skull, where Gibson masterfully shows the thorned crown on a skull, in his death brought about by the ignorance of his persecutors, he was pierced because he could not be broken, for that is the nature of truth of Isaac, the Canaanite son of Sarai, revealed in Mary’s implicit didaction to her son in the query about the table he had made for Constantine’s Rome 400 years after his crucifixion and resurrection.

The passion of Mary’s carpenter son – Jesus, in the lineage of Adam and Isaac – is the same when he crafts the table for the rich man and when he is flagellated, overseen by the rich man sitting at that same table. He, perhaps, also made the tall, pedestelian chairs as he cleverly repartees to his mother, but silently aspiring to cut-off the legs of the table with love and compassion for truth, to keep the table rooted and closer to the ground, upon her intimation, for she is the only witness to his parthenogenesis.

God’s seed – the apple of Isaac Newton, born in the year of the death of Galileo – falls to the ground to Lilith, and so does the ground to the apple.

Man can indeed deliver himself, for his future is the same as his past. She, Lilith and Eve, had committed the sin of seeking knowledge and she atones for it through her consort and son, Adam reborn as Jesus.

Mea Culpa, aren’t we all?


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  2. The reality of the execution of Jesus was about acquiring power and wealth by love and compassion than domination. Jesus, however, had not changed human nature. Rome, including the Holy Roman Empire, and until today, since Constantine the Great, is the wealthiest and the most powerful enterprise in the history of humanity, comprised of Jews and Gentiles, as we well know today. So, was the Caliphate after Mohammed, and Persia, India and China after their enlightenments in antiquity. Paradigm shifts are about power and wealth. Jesus’ was no exception. Nor is my Agrarian Jeffersonianism. Jesus was a schnuck.Ecce Homo. I am not a schnuck to die for change. 9s 1776 @1_776 @SusanPage @FWhitfield @CNNnewsroom @ebertchicago … Hide conversation Reply Delete Favorite 12:28 AM – 10 Sep 12 · Details

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    @WSJ Schnucks, Eden is this: … . You will get there … if I/we do this

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    President Obama: Instead, we recommit ourselves to the values we believe in, holding firmly, without wavering, to the hope that we [confess].
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    @WHLive Mea Culpa,
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    How do you seek God? Is there some secret mystery? Is there some great deed we must do? Is there some valiant & heroic struggle?
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    @ArmyOfLambs Love.
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    @netanyahu End your fall from grace in 5773 by ending your exile that was brought about by divine judgment,
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    @DennisDMZ Phantasmagoric, not because such a world is not feasible, but because it is not feasible if he does not know how to get there.
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    “Islam” means “Surrender to the conquest of Mohammed under the false front of god”
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    @PatDollard a (vishnu), u (brahma), and m (shiva) OM, Islam is s-l-m surrender to God MEANING wholeness, completion and joining
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    1m Michael B. Oren ‏@AmbassadorOren
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