A Constitutional Crisis

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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About 7000 words in all, written in the English language, including the 27 Amendments by 1992 (the same as the number of books in the New Testament), in the original 7 articles consisting of 4543 words including signatures, and in three parts in final form by 1791: Preamble, Articles and The Bill of Rights (the first 10 Amendments), a script known as the Constitution of United States of America, had become the scripture and the culture of a new nation on September Seventeenth, Seventeen Hundred And Eight Seven.

The document contains in it both the nation’s strength and vulnerability. Three co-equal powers with clearly assigned distinct duties, performed in exchange for a salary. If those elected to do the jobs of serving as their people’s representatives indeed do them, national security and interest would both be served. If they do not, as is the case at the present time, neither will be served.

The procedural political acts enjoined by the structure of the American polity require professionalism in their discharge. In the performance of the enumerated functions, clauses, as and when applicable, in the 7 articles, as written and as amended also by clearly specified procedure, the elected representatives – members of Congress and the president, place checks on each other’s power and balance the powers of the 3 co-equal branches of government to preserve the union of 50 states and territories.

Persuasion in a civil society of laws occurs by deliberation, timely and responsive to circumstances, in spoken and written word, by reason to arrive at actions in the interest of the general welfare of the republic, a republic because it is administered – without regard to explicitly specified race, ethnicity, language, sex, gender, religion, level of education, condition of health, and personal conduct except as written – by elected representatives of the people. American governance occurs in the expression of thinking by free minds, in the very same manner in which the document was produced.

In the United States of America since the end of the Cold War in 1989, a country spoiled by no checks to its geopolitical power on the world stage, executive power has gone berserk. The behavior of Members of Congress is being controlled by technical mind control conducted by intelligence agencies which were non-existent until World War I, in a serious infraction of the national interest and security but in its namesake, preventing the Congress’ ability to hold executive power in check. This has turned the country into a de facto dictatorship of shadow interest groups such as Bohemian Club and Bilderberg with no allegiance to the founding anti-monarchical values of the country enunciated in the Declaration of Independence of July 04, 1776.

Policies of the executive branch are being traded in a quid pro quo to keep elected representatives in office, the bribe of policy – typically money supply to the financial markets by an agency of Congress, Federal Reserve, only masked by its independence, in exchange for political contributions by wealthy donors to the executive branch toward presidential elections and a better life after government service for elected officials and political appointees, leading to ever higher stock prices which do not reflect economic fundamentals purchased by favorable money supply policies since 1993.

Washington at the zenith of its power and wealth is in anarchy, sacked from the inside, by its iron triangle – of shadow unaccounted for interest groups, elected representatives and government bureaucracies.

Calendaring conventions being the essence of the word and, hence, faith, the Constitution edited down to 4331 words from about 7000 can unite the three Abrahamic faiths.

Current Jewish Year – 4331 (number of words being the same as that Hebrew year or 570, the year of birth of the last Abrahamic prophet, Mohammad by Gregorian or Julian Calendar) = Islamic year


Current Gregorian or Julian Year – Islamic year = always 570, the year of birth of the last Abrahamic prophet, Mohammad: 3 Ayah 212

If the Constitution is Edited/Amended to 3415 words, 76 paragraphs, 58 words for the Preamble including the word “Preamble”, and 13 Sections for Article I with no Amendments, from the current 7000 words, it can be made fully current: Alternative Constitutionalism: Revising The Constitution Of United States Of America, for if this were not the intent, our historic evolution would not have been so.


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