Hunger Games

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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Celebrating species heritage is a staple for story material for Hollywood. From Russians claiming civilization standing on the Ural spine in The Way Back to West Europeans doing the same on both sides of the Atlantic pond, species survival, and surviving well, is a game to wean the weaklings from the fittest for the fittest to continue to live better than the rest in The Hunger Games.

Biology dictates, biologists argue, that instinctively women, not men, drive philandering to select the better sperm for fertilizing their eggs in the interest of producing offspring which can keep the species extant.

That Darwinism within a species is in the interest of species perpetuation, though Kofi Annan, Nobel Peace Laureate and former Secretary-General of the United Nations, may disagree, has become the reality of the origin of the state since there was a state.

At issue, in concurrence with Mr Annan, an African from Ghana which produces cocoa for Belgium and Switzerland, is, unlike in the animal world, the selection of the fittest in the continuum that is civilization since the advent of agriculture which had forever ended the life of the homo sapien as the gatherer and the hunter, a heritage so quaint that it has ceased to merit attention outside the worlds of sport and vested interest.

The movie Hunger Games, set in the de facto constitutional monarchy of the United States of 13 districts (of the Federal Reserve since 1913 and the American Knight Commanders of the British Empire since 1911?) reveals a mindset, however, not of remembrance of species heritage but a ploy designed deliberately to maintain the status quo of an aristocratic way of life for the few whose family heritages have divined them to that claim in a country founded by We the People.

A spoonful of sugar – setting up survival as a fatal sport – may not, however, make the medicine go down.

The Hunger Games of the Bohemians in the American woods select the few who literally survive a mortal combat to qualify themselves to join the ranks of the Bilderberg royalty clans for the purpose of claiming earth with its dwindling resources which can no longer support large populations that can enjoy their lifestyles of ever more consumption.

Pity the weak minds of the clans who cannot understand the limitations of their own ever smaller ranks in their world of fossilized economics which buys time to extinction rather than extend time for all by changing the model of consumption and production.

Sustainability, clearly, has two different meanings for the have-nots and haves. I would rather celebrate agriculture than industry.


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