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By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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This is a Transformations, LLC iWorld initiative to crowdsource product innovation and improvement ideas for major global corporations in which the crowdsource participants have a vested interest as shareholders.

A Corporate Sustainability Strategy for Apple Corporation


1. Mini-iPad, if a iPhone-iPad hybrid, can help AAPL discontinue iPhone and iPad to save on Lithium for batteries, greatly streamlining the AAPL product line.

2. AAPL must add [built-in] battery to iMacs together with built-in facility for personal hotspots for use [during] power outages of upto 4 hours.

3. AAPL, similar to its A4 chip technology, must announce research into non-lithium batteries for both mobile devices and desktops.

4. Integrate product upgrades from App Store after new purchases into Software Update functionality.

5. Integrate the iPhone-iPad hybrid or the mini-iPad functionality expected by users with autos for navigation, music, movies and other features of mobile devices and iTunes to facilitate the production of the iCar.


6. Encourage Apple server products for home-office use.

7. Broaden marketshare more globally by expanding into India by opening Apple stores.

8. Announce corporate policy denouncing US wars for natural resources such as Lithium in Afghanistan and oil in Middle East and North Africa.


9. Buy-back stock to raise or stabilize stock value in the short run from 2012-2014 while above strategy is executed.

10. Acquire Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook, the three distinct and variant uses of social media for integration into Apple server’s Wiki functionality to better facilitate home-office and mobile-office uses.

11. Split stock twice to stabilize a currently expected value of $1200 per share at $300 per share by 2014.

12. Open devices to more wireless carriers for price competition around the world and across national borders by expanding the current ‘openness to Sprint’ strategy.


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