Scoring Barack Obama v. Mitt Romney, Debate 2, Wednesday, October 17, 2012, Hofstra University, New York, Moderated by Candy Crowley Of CNN

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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(“Country First.” I had campaigned for Senator John McCain in 2008 in the General Election and for both Obama and McCain in the primaries as an unaffiliated voter. I am encouraged that my work has touched the campaigns of both political parties in this election. In 2012, I supported Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney in the Republican primaries.)

9m 1776 @1_776
@gop @thedemocrats Q1: Jobs. Romney 1/4 Obama 0.
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Job creation is of paramount importance. The pre-election employment surge must be seasonally adjusted for elections.

First priority,

Second priority,

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@gop @thedemocrats Q2: Gas prices. Romney 1/2 Obama 1/2.
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Gas prices must be lowered by eliminating the excise tax on gasoline.

First priority, (eliminate excise taxes on gasoline)

Second priority: (allocative efficiency of crude oil must be improved by changing the way we live in the medium to longer terms)

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@gop @thedemocrats Q3: Taxes. Romney 3/4 Obama 0.
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Overhaul tax code

1776 @1_776
@gop @thedemocrats Q4: Balanced budget. Romney 1 Obama 0.

Forward: Central banking in the G20 requires far reaching and fundamental changes. Ben Bernanke must be replaced.

The structure of mandatory spending must be reformed.

1776 @1_776
@gop @thedemocrats Q5: Gender equality in pay. Romney 1 Obama 1.

Lilly Ledbetter must be accompanied by gender balance in the court system. Integration of women into the society also involves them being equally treated under law by the courts without favoritism toward them, especially in advanced countries.

First priority:

1776 @1_776
@gop @thedemocrats Q6: Difference with George W Bush. Romney 1 Obama 0

Rule of law must prevail. 9/11 is not an excuse.

First priority,

1776 @1_776
@gop @thedemocrats Q7: Why should I vote for you? Romney 3/4 Obama 1/4

“I will discharge my constitutional responsibilities if elected president.”

First priority,

1776 @1_776
@gop @thedemocrats Q8: Immigration. Romney 1/2 Obama 1/2

Rule of law must prevail.

Four visas: Visitor (V), Student (S), Worker (W), Immigrant (I).

Green cards (permanent resident visas) stapled to diplomas? No. Not Tom Friedman of The New York Times again. Green cards for those who wish to become citizens? Yes.

For Green Card: Demonstrate proficiency in English after amending Constitution making English the language of the United States government.

1776 @1_776
@gop @thedemocrats Q9: Self-deportation. Romney 3/4 Obama 0

We don’t want illegal immigrants, no matter where they are from in the world.

1776 @1_776
@gop @thedemocrats Q10: Bengazi, Libya. Romney 0 Obama 0

Bengazi is an intelligence failure and merits a Special Counsel.

Libya, among other things, could lead to the impeachment of President Obama if he is reelected.

1776 @1_776
@gop @thedemocrats Guns? Romney 0 Obama 0

Catching violent impulses before they occur sounds like Minority Report and Steven Spielberg. It will not work. Commonsense amendment of Amendment 2 to restrict gun use must occur.

1776 @1_776
@gop @thedemocrats Outsourcing? Romney 1/2 Obama 1/2

The world works on a global production chain. All countries must play by the rules.

1776 @1_776
@gop @thedemocrats Biggest misperception about you? Romney 1/2 Obama 1/2

Misperceptions: Romney is for outsourcing and big business. Obama is for big government.


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