Red States, Blue States, And The Divided States Of America

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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CNN has projected incumbent Barack Obama re-elected to the presidency of United States of America for his final 4 years.

We, as a people, are disappointed that we are polarized about our views of size of government and culture instead of sensibly seeking middle ground in our debates and, therefore, handcuffed by the handicap of our inability to hold our leaders accountable: another financial crisis in the United States may have been put off by 4 years but its root causes not resolved because the country re-elected a left-leaning president.

Americans are tired of joblessness and economic uncertainty in their lives. Americans are tired of hearing a president. They want to be heard. In absence of rule of law, democracy does not work. Stirred passions are not excuses for unprofessional behaviors in politics.

In a country where the president asks and Congress dispenses, The White House, not the Congress, is responsible for the fiscal cliff for asking more money to spend than it should, notwithstanding the fact that both parties cater to their own secret interest groups: the Democrats to the Continental European Bilderberg Group and the Republicans to the English Bohemian Club.

There are more Democrats than Republicans. More importantly, there are more Democratic electoral college votes than Republican. Winning the popular vote in a state, usually, hands all the electoral college votes to the winner which means electoral college votes of populous states are mostly Democrat. Democrats vote Democrat unless there is a compelling reason not to.

Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, native son, could not carry his state for the Republicans but the United States House of Representatives, consisting of 435 members, one from each Congressional district, is majority Republican. This should imply, if each electoral college vote is the same as winning a Congressional district, and incumbents are keeping their seats in Congress, Mitt Romney must be president. Yet, he is not president in an election in which independent voters may have split their vote right down the middle.

United States of America is a casualty of the electoral college even though Mitt Romney, when all is said and done, may have won more Congressional districts than Obama and may win the popular vote.


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