Obama’s Second Inaugural

By Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa, (On Twitter) @c_tamirisa

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President Barack Hussein Obama has been inaugurated once again. He wants to reset the national conversation away from the economy. He wants his second term to be about building a better society which abides by the Constitution while the economy sluggishly recovers.

‘America is not a dead beat nation’ he said before the inaugural and, therefore, the debt ceiling, in his view, can once again be raised after the tax compromise had temporarily paused the debate on the fiscal cliff.  Higher taxes on the wealthy will offset to some degree the rate of increase of national debt as a per cent of our national income, especially as the economy grows in recovery and so the focus has shifted to law and society beginning a conversation with the nearly all-white Tea Party more about society than about the economy.

The Constitution, he should know, also says that the Congress controls the purse strings in a government consisting of 3 co-equal branches placing a check on each other balancing each other’s powers.

As much as he wishes it to go away, debt ceiling is a debate the president cannot obviate because the real work of government after the pomp and circumstance of the ceremonial inaugural begins by restoring constitutional checks and balances in the governance of both the society and the economy.


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