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One Earth. Perfect and Beautiful. Beautiful People. Beautiful World?

A unique and disruptive innovation by, of, and for global intellectuals by www.futurespace.me corporations, One World is a paid service to political and corporate decision makers, worldwide (On Amazon.com…).

We are a Global Sustainability Think Tank – a Web 2.0 to 3.0 medium – transitioning online from multimedia information to meaning creation, sustainably, leveraging and pushing the envelope of the best of the rapidly integrating information and communications technologies (ICTs).

One World brings together scholars and practitioners in Theology, Psychology, Politics, Economics, Sociology, and Science and Technology to make the transition from One Earth to One World happen. Our philosophy is Agrarian Jeffersonianism implemented as a variation of the American Constitution.

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Transformations is a non-partisan public policy and strategy consulting firm specializing in the politics, economics and business of sustainable global integration.

We advise the leaders and businesses of every country, including the United States, for the benefit of their peoples with the vision of achieving peaceful global political, economic and social integration. Our mission is to engender and manage peaceful change, locally and globally, to achieve economic equity and social equality. We believe that this would be feasible if and only if the outcome is per capita global economic convergence.

At Transformations we are committed to advancing the cause of freedom and individual liberty around the world. We believe in understanding the past for acting in the present to continuously create a better future. We believe that two fundamental principles undergird a society’s commitment to individual liberty: a commitment to fairness and social equality and that social reality is changeable through prudent governance and individual responsibility.

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